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September 14th-September 18th

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Dear Buccaneers,

On Friday, we had two incidents of "Google Meets Bombing". An unidentified person intruded into a virtual classroom and used vulgar language and made disrespectful comments while class was in session. Both affected teachers did what they could to remove the caller from the class to no avail; the intruder continued joining the class. Both teachers had to ask the rest of the class to leave and had them work asynchronously for the rest of the period.

Please know that the administration is investigating these two cases. Students, if you have any information about these two cases please let Mr. Garnica-Mendoza, Ms. Santana, or Ms. Gracias know.

A few reminders about our expectations:

1. Students are not allowed to share class codes with anyone.

2. Students are not allowed to record any part of a class session.

3. There are consequences for students sharing codes and inviting outsiders to intrude a class for the purpose of harassing and insulting others.

We, the administration of SOM, want to commend our Buccaneers who continue to show respect, kindness, and a willingness to succeed, despite the pandemic we are all experiencing.


Mr. Garnica-Mendoza, Ms. Gracias, and Ms. Santana


Dear Buccaneers,

I am excited to announce that the administration, counselors, and our resource teachers were able to meet with all of out students to review personal education plans. This is our second year implementing these workshops and we are very excited that we had the opportunity to talk to our students about their challenges during distance learning, what they have learned about themselves during these challenging times, and what they plan to do to be successful at SOM.

We taught our students how to calculate their grade point average, asked them to review their current grades, and had them reflect on their study habits.

We know that for many, this first progress report will a bit of a shock. We reiterated to our students that we are here to help. We have teachers who have been flexible, have been accepting late work, and are available for support when needed. We have provided tutoring after school. Our hope is that our students learn to advocate for themselves.

We will be meeting with our students every time they get a progress report. It is our expectation that these meetings will help students understand the importance of goal setting, reflection, and will provide them with the time needed to review their academic progress.


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Upcoming Events

  • First Progress Report Parent Meeting: September 18th @ 8:30 am
  • First Progress Report: September 18th (Will be posted on Infinite Campus)
  • Week of September 21 - 25th: Superhero and Kindness Week
  • September 25th: First Steam Challenge
  • October 5th - October 9th: Fall Break

New Friday Schedule

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Week at a Glance

Monday, September 14th

Tuesday, September 15th

Wednesday, September 16th

Thursday, September 17th

Friday, September 18th

  • Word of the Month: Respect
  • Parent Report Card Meeting @ 8:30 am (link will be posted on our website)
  • Periods 1-2-3-4-5-6 (First period starts at 8:20 am)
  • First Progress Report Comes out
  • HYPE Virtual After School Program (1:30 pm) https://bit.ly/southwestmiddlehype

2020-2021 Buccaneer Scholars Tutoring Calendar

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Teaching and learning: Extra Resources for professional growth

SOM welcomes, values, and appreciates each and every student that is part of our Buccaneer Family! All are welcome at SOM!

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Where can I get help?

Our curriculum and instruction department has created a parent and student page where you can get resources and support for distance learning.
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Southwest Middle School's Website

Please refer to this page if you need to contact our administration or one of our teachers. Thank you.