Child Labour In Brick Factories.

Everyday millions of children slave over hot kilns.

Brick Factories in Eastern Pakistan

All around the world children are forced to work for almost no money. These children have to work in factories, and dangerous environments. This has been going on for hundreds of years, children being forced to work in brick factories or other environments. Kids are forced to work for 12 or more hours a day. With just one break, and that one break is lunch break. Which is responsible for how small and underdeveloped most of them are. The kids in these factories are mostly either forced to work due to their families having almost no money, or being sold off into bonded labor. In some factories the overseer will either punish or torture the children for not finishing their daily quota, or standing up for themselves. In order to pay off the debt the children have to go digging in the ground to find clay, so they can take it to a kiln which can reach up to 2,400°F. The kids then have to repeat the process hundreds of times a day. With many of them getting burns, and infections. There are over 6,000 brick kilns spread across Pakistan, and working at each of them are at least 283 "slaves". Even though there are 6,000 kilns in Pakistan. There are over 5,000 in the small province of Punjab. Included in that province is the town of Lahore; it is one of the largest brick producing cities in Pakistan.

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Relief Efforts.

All throughout Pakistan, and the third world countries in that area. There have been many government efforts, and organizations trying to help save some of these children. One of which is the BLLF, the Bonded Labor Liberation Front of Pakistan. They have freed over 80,000 bonded workers. 45% of them being children, 25% of them were women, and 30% of them were men. They have saved many workers, but not many people have faith in their idea. If more people were to follow them, and assist them with fundraisers; more children would be saved. What could we do as Iowans? if possible we should go to Pakistan, and attend one of their rallies. If you can, show them support, and it might cause others to do the same.


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