Bobcat Pride Press

2020-2021 - Edition 2 - Volume 5

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A Newsletter for Bobcats by Bobcats

Welcome Back Bobcats!

The care challenge for this week is…

Visit a zoo, farm, nature center and park to learn about the amazing animals and creatures there.

Things To Celebrate In April

By: Adam Feiler, 3rd Grade

What Do You Celebrate In April?

Here is a list of things you can do to celebrate things in April:

  1. International Creativity and Innovation Day Is 4/21 So Get Creative And Draw A Picture And Invent Something New!
  2. Watch This Read Aloud About Earth Because 4/22 Is Earth Day!
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Weekly Riddle

By: Adam Feiler, 3rd Grade

What Five-Letter Word Becomes Shorter When You Add Two Letters To It?

Answer Will Be Revealed Next Week!

Last Week’s Answer: A Secret

What Did You Do For Spring Break?

By: Adam Feiler, 3rd Grade

Remember The Quiz We Gave You Asking What You Did For Spring Break?

Well... Here Are The Results!

Let's look at flowers!

By: Aadya Posam, 3rd Grade

Flowers are plants. They all bloom at different times. The types of flowers blooming now are tulips and daffodils. Some that don’t bloom right now are lilies and sunflowers. Flowers come from seeds. Then they turn to leaves, and then into bulbs. And then they become the beautiful flowers they are! Maybe you could keep track of how many flowers you have seen and what types they are. Maybe for an extra challenge you can write down the month it blooms. (Example. 43 flowers in total. I saw 10 tulips that bloomed in April. I saw 33 daffodils that bloom in April.)


Do you love to do art well, maybe you can watch this!


Jeff Koons - Balloon Dog!


Sarah Gubing, 4th Grade

Hi Everyone. My name is Sarah Gubing. I want to show you this really cool link that I found for kids. You can play games, watch videos, and even read books! Sounds cool right? I hope you like it. ---> FunBrain

Kind Regards,


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Till we see you again Bobcats!

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