Andrew M.


Beavers live in the forest. But their homes are in the water.They also live North America,South America, Europe, Asia.


Beavers have black and brown hair.They also have a black thick tail. They have webbed front and hind feet to help them swim. Their tail helps them paddle and swim in the water.


Beavers eat lots of things like plants.They also eat berries.


Beavers use their tail to protect themselves.They also in their homes to protect themselves.


Beavers swim underwater to get to their homes.They also walk on land to get wood for their homes. They have webbed feet and their tail helps them swim.


Beavers are unique because they build their own homes.Their also are unique because they build underwater tunnels to their homes. Beavers have webbed front and hind feet. Their tail helps them swim.

Picture from Wikipedia