OVS Weekly Update

April 6, 2018 Edition, Volume 69

Mark Your Calendars!

Learning Coach Training:

April 17-19th: OVS Synergy Social

Math Club Mondays: Join LIVE from home for a LC training offered for 3rd-8th grade parents on various Math games to play with your student.

Other Important dates

Tuesday, April 10: 9th grade field trip to Lauritzen Gardens

Friday April 20th: Storm Chasers Game @ 7:05

Tailgate in the parking lot at 5:45pm

Tickets are $10 and proceeds benefit OVS
Once you purchase your tickets, you will be able to pick them up at the front desk. Purchase by clicking HERE.

Friday April 20th: K-1st grade Field Trip to Lauritzen Gardens @10 a.m.

Permission Slip will be sent home next week!

Instructional Dates:

Friday, April 13th: No online lessons-Teacher work day

Friday, April 20th: No online lessons- OVS staff attending NETA conference

Friday, May 4th: No online lessons- Staff Professional development day

Principal's Corner

Internet Filter Issue

We deeply apologize about the inconvenience that the transition to our new Internet filtering system has caused students and learning coaches. We are still working on processes to ensure that the filter functions properly. OVS is a unique learning environment in which our filter has to work outside of our district’s building network. This further complicates the process. As I like to say, we very rarely get an "easy button."

Some students have yet to experience the filter issues as it has not yet been distributed to all users’ accounts. Whether your student is experiencing issues with the Internet, please read through some troubleshooting steps in by clicking HERE to access a quick tutorial.

Other things to watch for/try:


  • If you run into an issue using one of the browsers try using a different one.
  • Some of the applications may not work until you open a browser and authenticate first (like Minecraft.)
  • If you cannot troubleshoot your student’s device, using the steps in the tutorial, options are to use another device in your home and having your student log in to K12 from there.

If your experience is different than what’s in the documentation, please send an email to ovs-techhelp@ops.org with your Student name, Teacher name, which session/day they attend, and the issues you ran into. Our IT admin will make sure to address those issues on the student’s instructional day at the center.

Upcoming Information Sessions

Pass Along to Anyone Interested in Learning about OVS

Each year, we host a variety of different information sessions to potential new students. We want to encourage families to assist in our recruitment efforts. We will have fliers available next week for families to take and share. Our best recruitment tool is parent and student testimonials of their experience. Many of our current families have been referred by another family in our program.

We will also being needing volunteer at multiple events we will be hosting in May and June. Please consider volunteering for the Curriculum Night and OVS 360 Experience. More details to come.
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Synergy Corner

Learning HQ Deal: Missed out on getting a game? Take your OVS badge into Learning HQ and they will give you 20% off. Learning HQ is located at 2932 S 84th St.

OVS T-shirts Available: We still have grey and blue t-shirts available for sale. There are limited sizes and quantities. The blue shirts are $10 and the grey shirts are $17. Here is what is available:

  • Blue Shirt: Youth Medium (2) and Youth Large (1)
  • Grey Shirt: Youth Small (3), Medium (3) and Large (5), Adult Small (2) and Adult Medium (2)

Friday April 20th: Storm Chasers Game
Game Starts at 7:05pm

Tailgate in the parking lot at 5:45pm

Tickets are $10 and proceeds benefit OVS

Tickets can be purchased at the link below or with Brooke at the front desk

Once you purchase your tickets, you will be able to pick them up at the front desk.

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FREE Community Events

Creighton Soccer Games

Creighton University is offering FREE admission to select soccer games this spring. All games are played at Morrison Stadium on Creighton's campus at 1804 California St.

The following games have FREE Admission:
  • Saturday April 7th at 2pm vs Denver
  • Saturday April 14th at 7pm vs Hastings
  • Saturday April 21st at 1pm vs Northern Illinois

Movie hosted by Dyslexia Association

On Saturday April 21st, the Dyslexia Association will be hosting " The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia." The free showing of the movie will discuss how dyslexia is a language-based learning disability in a "sea of strengths." The movie will be shown at Faith Westwood United Methodist Church, 4814 Oaks Lane at 2 p.m. For more details, call the Dyslexia Association at 402-434-6434.

Classroom Happenings

Art with Ms Barry

Coming up in K-5 Art

  • The next Drop in Art Time with Ms. Barry is April 17th-19th.
  • Register TODAY to attend

Ms. Roger's Classroom

We had a great week! Students continued using Epic Books to work on story elements. Continue this at home by asking students what the title, author, illustrator, characters, and setting of a story are. During Math rotations, students used the iPad's to scan QR codes to practice their addition and subtraction facts.

Next week we will have a Skype call with Pam Purce from the Three Oaks Farm in Maryland. Check out their website! I plan to record the call so that all classes can hear the call and learn.

Keep working hard in your K12 curriculum! It has been so great to see all of your progress this year!

Ms. Rogers Skill Support Sign Up

Mr. Dowling's Classroom

Week in Review:
It was nice to get back to normal in class this week. Unfortunately, I was unable to be at school on Thursday. Ms. Andrea did a great job as the substitute. We worked with perimeter in Math and were able to log into Brain Pop for the first time. I am looking forward to using Brain Pop as a classroom resource. Students can also access this at home. The link is in Quick Links inside their OneNote. They can also search for Brain Pop Jr. in their favorite web browser. They will click on Log in, in the upper right hand corner and use the same credentials as they use to log into their computer.

Looking Ahead:

If your child is reading Henry Huggins, they need to have Chapter 1 read by the time they get to class this week. My Thursday students did not get that message from the substitute. I will be emailing you the message as well. If you are a Tuesday or Wednesday student, you were given a job for Chapter one. Please bring it completed and ready for our Lit. Circle discussions.

For those of you assigned to Balto, you do not have a reading assignment due next week. Please bring the book to class, though. We will be using it for our Read-to-Self portion of reading rotations as well as an introduction during Lit Circles.

We will be continuing our discussions on perimeter and introducing area as well.

We will also have Math Club on Monday! Only 2 more weeks of Math Club. I hope to see you here!

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Ms. Nommensen's Classroom

We started our new You Need to Make a Choice books this week! The first assignment needs to be ready to go by our next face to face session. The books are:

  • · Tuesday Morning-Call it Courage
  • · Tuesday Afternoon-Stone Fox
  • · Wednesday-A Lion to Guard Us
  • · Thursday Afternoon-A Lion to Guard Us

When the students come with their work, I am really looking to see that they put thought and care into their part. They are leading their team in a discussion about their book. I want to see that they are ready to not only go over what they wrote down, but discuss it with their classmates. After your child completes the work, try asking them to practice their part with you so you can ask some guiding questions and help mold them into leaders.

In math, we are continuing on with Hands On Equations and applying our knowledge of inverse numbers. The kids are doing an amazing job in this!

We will be finishing up our state testing this week during face to face time. Our 5th and 8th graders will be taking the Science test. During which time, the rest of the school will be going about their regular days, just a bit quieter!

Mr. Gamble's Classroom

Week in Review:
Students learned varied concepts from their K12 curriculum.

  • Fundamentals: Read and interpret data represented on statistical graphs.
  • PreAlgebra: Identify how two events are mutually exclusive and find their probability.
  • Algebra: Identify a translation and model it through movement.
  • Algebra 1: Calculate and factor monomials and polynomials.
  • Geometry: Identify trigonometric ratios and special right triangles.

Looking Ahead:
In class we will work on varied math concepts from their curriculum involving real-world math.

  • Fundamentals: Read and interpret data represented on a histogram. (Lesson 9.04 – Histograms)
  • PreAlgebra: Calculate the probability of an event with long-term frequency. (Lesson 9.16 – Frequency for Compound Events)
  • Algebra: Identify what steps of rotation a figure has gone through. (Lesson 9.07 – Rotations)
  • Algebra 1: Calculate and factor monomials and polynomials. (Module 4: Polynomials)
  • Geometry: Identify trigonometric ratios and special right triangles (Module 4: Trigonometry)


  • Fundamentals: Math is Fun has explanations, models, and practice on histograms.
  • PreAlgebra: Basic Math has models, sample problems, explanations on compound events.
  • Algebra: Math is Fun has practice problems, examples, and explanations of coordinate rotations.
  • Algebra 1: Math Is Fun - Discusses operating and simplifying polynomials. Offers sample problems with solutions and vocabulary related to the topic.
  • Geometry: Math Is Fun - Discusses trigonometry in depth with examples, models, and practice problems.

Weekly Online Math Lessons:
Each week I am teaching the current math lesson, per the pacing guide, for each subject online via ClassConnect. These sessions are mandatory and students will learn the concept through interaction with the teacher. Upon completion, students will take their check-up and be complete with that lesson. Recordings are available within the Content area after each session has completed.

  • Fundamentals: (Monday @ 9:30) Histograms (9.03).
  • PreAlgebra: (Friday @ 9:30) No lessons due to Teacher Work Day
  • Algebra: (Monday @ 10:15) Congruent transformations (9.09).
  • Algebra 1: (Friday @ 10:15) No lessons due to Teacher Work Day
  • Geometry: (Friday @ 11:15) No lessons due to Teacher Work Day

Ms. Blackburn's Classroom

Ms. Robison's Classroom

9th Grade Newsletter

Phase 2 Bond Program Overview

On May 15th, Phase 2 of the bond issue will be placed on the primary ballot for voting. The bond will fund a variety of renovations and additions to current OPS schools while also adding five additional schools to assist with overcrowding. More information can be found at bond.ops.org.
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Troubles with your device?

If you are having issues with your student's device, please email your issue/concern to this email address: ovs-techhelp@ops.org

Parents will get an email response following your submission. One of our staff members will email parents back to provide assistance, so be sure to check your email after sending your concern.

Mission Statement

We are a dynamic and nurturing community of learners that empowers students to reach their individual potential by providing a creative atmosphere for innovative learning and academic excellence.