First Apartment Ideas

What I did.

Apartment Location:

Miami Beach, FL
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Why I chose to live here

I chose to live in this apartment because the rent is cheap and it is near the beach, in which I like to spend my free time. Miami Beach is a WONDERFUL place to live since the weather is nice all year round and it is a really popular spring and summer vacation resort city. I thought it would be a good idea to live where I have always dreamed of going since childhood.


This apartment's rent is estimated at about $1,750 per month.
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My Career

I work my daily job as a web developer. The estimated yearly salary is about &75,660 per year. The yearly earnings rate is about $6,305 per month.

Budget for expenses after paying rent: $4,555.

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Utilities - Estimated

  • Electric - $40 per mo.
  • Water - $10 per mo.
  • Gas - $10 per.
  • Cable/Internet - $55 per mo.
  • Phone - $20 per 3 mo.

Money left over after paying expenses: $4,420

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I have a white 2010 Ford Focus SE with a payment of $205/Mo.

The monthly gas cost is around $39.15 per month, which is amazing!

Money Left over: $4,175.85

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Furniture, Cooking Utensils & Dishes

Furniture: I have a full size bed along with a tan leather couch that comes with a tan chair with an ottoman.

Cooking Utensils: I have my parent's old silverware set for eating selected meals.

Dishes: I had to buy each plate for $1 along with each cup for $1. In total, I have 10 cups and 10 plates.

Total money spent: $20

Money left over: $4,155.85


  • Dial soap - $1.23

  • Colgate Toothpaste - $2.47

  • Oral B Toothbrush - $5.00

  • Axe deodorant - $3.88

  • Schick Hydro Razor - $9.97

  • Axe shampoo - $3.97

Money left over: $4,129.33