Giada De Laurentiis

A presentation by Savanna Gauthier

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Who is Giada?

Giada was born in Rome and grew up in a large Italian family. Her grandfather owned a restaurant which is where her passion for cooking began. Giada went to college in LA and got a degree in anthropology then went to Paris and started her training at Le Cordon Blue. She then started training with prestigious programs such as Wolfgang Puck's Spago and later got picked up by the Food Network. Giada's personality was perfect for a TV hostess and her cooking skills allowed her to become a very highly respected and watched chef on the Food Network. Giada has been involved in many shows on the network and has even written 15 cookbooks with many of them reaching the Bestsellers list.


  • Worked at DDL Foodshow
  • Le Cordon Blue Culinary school
  • Worked at Ritz Carlton fine dining kitchen
  • Worked at Wolfgang Puck's Spago]
  • Formed GDL catering

Secrets to Success

  1. "You are your best secret weapon"
  2. "You can only juggle so many balls"
  3. "Every cook needs a VIP (Very important pantry)"
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Giada's Personality

Giada is bubbly and charismatic person which is one of the reasons her television career has been so successful. She is a host for her own cooking show and a judge on The Next Food Network Star as well as a guest on many other shows. It is rare to see Giada without her signature smile. Giada has let her love of cooking lead her career to new heights.