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December 2017

Dear Families,

We wrapped up Nonfiction November with most of Lower School participating in some way! Students and teachers...

  • Recommended nonfiction books for the library to purchase
  • Filmed book reviews on our Flipgrid
  • Answered the weekly North Carolina research challenge
  • Completed the Nonfiction November Reading Challenge bingo board
  • Read nonfiction for fun! :)

It was great to see students get excited about informational texts!

This month, I have some favorite books of the year to share with you, as well as a compilation of best books of the year lists from various sources -- great to use for holiday giving! You'll also find an update on what areas of research we have focused on in the classrooms.

I hope you have a warm break filled with good books, family, and fun!

Happy reading,


Natalie's Best Books of 2017

Best Books List of Lists!

Classroom Updates

What a busy few months it has been! Research skills weave their way into so much of what we do in Lower School, from observations to interviews to exploring books and websites. Here are some of the ways teachers and I have collaborated recently to support our budding researchers:

In RIVER class, students learned about their place in the world in a geography unit based on the book Me on the Map. We learned about the cities and towns we live in, our state, our continent, and our planet. We have since moved on to reading biographies from the Ordinary People Change the World series to learn about what makes a hero.

In SKY class, Design & Engineering time has been aflutter with research about birds. We worked together to ask our local experts questions about what we need to know to design and build effective bird feeders for our playground. Students are currently observing the birds outside of Sky class to gain more background information for their designs.

In FOREST class, students used their field experiences in observing insects on our campus to inform and inspire their insect research projects. Students collected information from books and websites to share information about their chosen insects in a book or brochure. See them on display (along with their shiny design projects) in Lower School!

In MOUNTAIN class, students tried out the Question Formulation Technique to ask their own questions to guide our Quaker mini-unit of study. We learned about George Fox and the Quaker beginnings in America, interviewed Quakers in our community, and have moved on to study different changemakers in our world.

Library books

If your child has any overdue books, you will receive an email today.

At the end of next week, I will send emails out to all families with a complete list of books your child has checked out. Please help keep track of these books over winter break!

If anything looks amiss on your list of books, please email me at

Have a cozy winter break!

Natalie Sapkarov Harvey

Lower School Librarian

Carolina Friends School