The Freedom Writers Diary

Connecting modern literature to Greek myths

About the novel...

The Freedom Writers Diary is about the students of Wilson High School and all of the challenges that they have to endure in school and everyday life. The school is divided by one's race and so are the gangs. Everyone that lives in Long Beach is in a gang: the Hispanics, the Asians, the blacks, the whites, and the druggies are all divided and are all fighting for their own territory in the "hood." Almost everyday someone new gets shot or arrested just because they are a different race.

Featuring Erin Gruwell as the Protagonist..

The protagonist in this book is Ms. Gruwell because she is rich and is capable to have a higher paying job but she decided to become a teacher at one of the worst schools in America. To try and change some students out look on life and have them graduate with there class because everyone else that works at Wilson High believes that none of the students will succeed to graduate.


The book Freedom Writers connects to Greek mythology because the students of Wilson high school have to go through a lot of obstacles and struggles in life. In one of the Greek myths Hades kidnaps Persephone and she is trapped in the underworld so that is hard for her and its just like the kids from Freedom Writers because some get arrested and never get so see their families just like Persephone. Also in the myth Perseus, Perseus is put in a box by his grandfather because he is scared Perseus will kill him and that connects to Freedom Writers because the people in this book get shot and murdered everyday and never get to see their family anymore.

Personal Review of the Book

I thought the book Freedom Writers was an amazing book. I learned a lot about life lessons and how hard it is for some people to survive. While reading this book I realized how much people actually go though and it makes me realize no matter how hard life can get it does go on and even if you're going though a hard time at home or at school, it cant be any worse then what some other people have to go though all over the world. Greek myths DO connect a lot to modern day literature, some people might not realize it but its true. The people in myths go though good times and bad time and so do the people in everyday life and everyday life is pretty much what our literature is about.



1.) I would recommend this book to everyone that thinks there life is hard because no matter what their are people in this world going though an even worse time.