Caddie Woodlawn

Carol Ryrie Brink - Pala Xiong


  • Caddie: eleven year old, red-headed tomboy of western Wisconsin


Harriet - Caddie's mother - In addition to raising her family, she raises turkeys and plus she had another baby girl(Mary) who died and was laid to rest on the northern hill.

Author's Purpose (1895-1981)

Carol wants others to be able to understand how life is back in the Wisconsin Pioneer times of the 1860's and also we understand the history.


Hetty - Caddie's younger sister and the self-appointed news bearer of the family (TATTLE - TELLER)


Historical Fiction


Broken English spoken by Indian John PG.9 and 134

Song page 171


It was a very interesting book which I want to go explore just like Caddie and her two brothers.

Point of View

3rd person

Falling Action

Caddie got in trouble - playing pranks on Annabelle( her cousin from Boston which also Caddie's mother want Tom to date her). Caddie's mother whip and struck Caddie three times across the legs for the first time.

Five Main Types of Conflict

Person vs. person


Read the book to find out what happens