Cavazos Middle School

It's Who We Are

Weekly Update 3/9-3/13

Cavazos will be a B! We, Us, Ours, Together! It takes us ALL. It's Who We Are!

Mission: Progress for ALL

Goals: Literacy and 10 plus

Values: Positivity, Community, Growth

75% approaching, 30% meets, 15% masters

District Mission: We will prepare students for life by nurturing, developing, and inspiring every child every day.

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This Week, 3/9-3/13


  • Hold Drill @ 2:30
  • Boys Track @ Estacado @ 5:00
  • Girls Track at Tera Vista @ 5:00


  • Teach Plus 7:45


  • 7th grade team meeting
  • Choir UIL practice performance 4:30
  • Cav Cab 7:35
  • Varsity Band UIL
  • Pride of West Texas Choir Show @ 6:00


  • Donut Club
  • Friday the 13th
  • One Act Play Performances during 2nd and 3rd period
  • You made it to Spring Break Baby!
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7th Grade Team Meeting

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Congratulations to 8th grade Tireless Teacher Samantha Crutcher !!!

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PBIS or SEL Tip of the Week!

Building Relationships (can use with 80 day obsession)

Laughter is Beneficial

Click here to be taken to a website that has many facts and resources on laughter in education.

Classroom Tip of the Week!

What students can tell us- Student Voice

Consider using surveys in your classroom to gain useful insights.

In Case You Missed It...

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Band Kids are using the Apple TV donated through Donor's Choose!

80 Day Obsession Ideas

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Don't Quit- Keep Fighting for your 80 Day Obsession!

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Burchett for working really hard with her calculator kids!

Detwiler, Lankford, Cayton, Smith, Burchett for taking turns helping with all of the spring TMSCA meets.

Cayton, Smith, Nava, Ramirez, Argueta for building relationships with their kids by spending lunch with them!

Monk, Wetter, Lankford, Perez, Vandygriff, Tarango, Smith, Burchett for helping work the Cavazos TMSCA Meet!

I see you Mrs. Monk!

Thank you Debbie Boyter for being an awesome Diagnostician!

ALL the teachers and staff that go out of their way to make sure students and staff are covered!

Lankford and Shaw for volunteering for some tedious STAAR prep organization!

Shout Out Form

Click here to share something for next week's smore- student or staff!

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TTESS Summatives are coming soon

1. Make sure that you have uploaded evidence into Eduphoria Strive to support your goal (including pre/post test information)

2. March 25th is the deadline for student growth post tests

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Navy- 42 Grey- 45

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Be careful! And Enjoy your Time!

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