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AKA how I fail at exams


The cpu is not dissimiler to the human brain. It FETCHES information and memories, DECODES them into actions and processes and EXECUTES the desired action. it is made up of various different people that can be viewd from above in the diagram.

Oh, and also... It stands for Central Process unit!

And as you can see above, this is the Fetch, Decode and Execute process diagram thinggie...

If you are wondering about the picture it does not have much to do with computors but there were no simple pictures of ALUs. SORRY!

The ALU is the decode part of the process. The 'A'part decodes arithmatic and the 'L' part handles logic and comparisons. So the ALU is split into 2 parts. The 'A'rithmatic 'L'ogic 'U'nit.

The same thing as up there but this time with an IAS. Again, SORRY!

The 'I'mmediate 'A'cess 'S'torage just holds Information that the cpu will use later.

Sorry to cut you off but I ran out of Time. SORRY!