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an Update from Dr. Barbara A. Russell 1/26/22

Greetings PV Families,

I’d like to provide a little more detail in regard to the message you received last night about the temporary restraining order.

As you are aware, in response to updates from guiding agencies and decisions at the local level, the Perkiomen Valley School District’s health and safety plan has undergone a series of revisions over the course of the past few weeks. This past Monday, January 24th, the District shifted to strongly recommending masks when indoors (as opposed to requiring them) as part of its health and safety transition planning.

The temporary restraining order, which was granted by a federal judge out of the Eastern District Court in Philadelphia yesterday, mandates the school district implement universal masking in all aspects of the school day, during as well as after (as part of extracurricular activities). In effect, the order returns the District to our August 9, 2021 health and safety plan v7. The decision to return to a universal mask school environment was made by the Court and not by our Board of School Directors, the administration, or me. The order is temporary and extends for 14 days, until February 8, 2022. There will be another hearing in early February to decide a longer term outcome in response to the claim. We will continue to honor district approved mask exemptions. Exemption procedures and information are explained in further detail below. In the event your child does not qualify for an exemption and/or refuses to wear a mask/face covering indoors, a virtual instruction option will be assigned.

There is no doubt that the circumstances of the pandemic have provided many challenges for us as a school community. Following the announcement last night, as you can imagine, emotions were heightened both for and against a mask mandate. Many took to social media to express their concerns and engage with others. We respect that there are varying opinions, thoughts, and preferences in response to pandemic guidelines. It is my hope that we come together as a community…a PV Strong Community …to work as one and support each other, with a primary focus on all of our children. I’d like to encourage our community to consider civil discourse, engaging respectfully with one another in an effort to prompt reflection and understanding of our various viewpoints.

Our focus is to provide a strong school experience while supporting one another as we navigate these unprecedented and challenging times.


Dr. Barbara A. Russell


Masks Required through 2/8/22

In response to a recent claim filed against the district, a judge ordered a temporary restraining order requiring the district to reinstate the mask mandate beginning 1/25/22 through 2/8/22.

All students, staff, and visitors are required to wear masks when in our school buildings or as part of extra curricular activities, participating or spectating. The mask requirement extends to any committee meetings, community education classes, and all activities being held in our school buildings.

Mask Exemption Information

Requests for a mask/face covering exemption must be signed by a licensed medical or mental health provider who is also qualified to diagnose condition(s) precluding a child from safely wearing a mask/face covering. The information must be submitted on the school district’s Mask/Face Covering Exemption Form (version8) and presented to your child’s school nurse for review. The District may recommend possible options prior to granting a full mask/face covering exemption, such as the use of a face shield.

Ultimately, it is the health and safety of our students, staff and community that represents the highest priority. The District will continue to uphold the layered mitigation measures that have been effective in preventing transmission of COVID-19 in our schools, i.e., masking, social distancing, hand washing, and ventilation upgrades, so that it can safely maintain onsite, in-person operations. In the event your child does not qualify for an exemption and/or refuses to wear a mask/face covering indoors, a virtual instruction option will be assigned.

Form to Report a Positive COVID Case

To assist us in collecting data, report your child's confirmed positive COVID case using this form. Refrain from calling the nursing office if possible. For medical advice, including COVID-19 guidance, contact your medical provider.

Hogwart’s Academy Coming to PVSD ~ March 9

Get your wands ready! On March 9, PVSD will be transforming into Hogwart’s Academy, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! All K-8 wizards and witches are invited to join us for a night of adventure, laughter, and learning. The evening will include learning activities, magical beasts, and all things Harry Potter. From 6:00 - 8:00 pm, students and their families can participate in various activities. Check out our promotional video for more details. We hope you will join us for what is sure to be a mystical experience!

Hogwarts Academy Coming Soon

Kindergarten Registration 22-23 School Year

Will your child turn 5 years old before September 1, 2022? If so, he/she is eligible to attend school in the Perkiomen Valley School District next fall.

Kindergarten registration dates for the 22-23 school year are as follows:

Visit New Student Registration for more information including the registration packet.

PV Partners for Equity & Inclusion

The PV Partners group will commence their meetings beginning in February under the leadership of one of the District's new administrators, Mr. Steve Willis, Coordinator of Equity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement. Together with Dr. Russell, Mr. Willis will reconvene this group and lead towards equitable opportunities for all students, in all areas. The Partners group was originally formed in June 2018 and has been committed to engaging in discussions towards continuous improvement of school experiences for all students and staff.

The meeting will take place on February 8 at 7:00 pm in person and via Zoom.

Upcoming Dates

Consult the District calendar for details regarding these upcoming activities.
  • Wednesday, January 26: HalfDay Inservice (early dismissal for students)
  • Wednesday, January 26: Education Committee, 7pm
  • Thursday, January 27: Finance Committee, 7pm
  • Thursday, February 3: Wellness Committee, 7pm


As a note, in addition to always encouraging our students to share questionable or concerning information with a trusted adult, they can submit an anonymous tip through the Safe2Say Program. Tips are typically related to a variety of challenges our students experience or witness, such as bullying, harassment, disrespectful language, safety concerns, etc. When a tip is received, the State (who runs Safe2Say) immediately follows up with the respective building administrator and the information is investigated.

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