Roesener Review

August 24, 2018

This Week in First Grade

Language Workshop: This week we are launching our Language Workshop. During this vital time, we will be working with a large print text such as a poem or big book, and a read aloud picture book. We will focus on reading strategies from concepts about print to comprehension. I will keep you informed of the focus for the week in each week’s edition of the “Roesener Review” in order to provide you with simple extension activities for at home support.

Writer’s Workshop: In writer’s workshop this week, we practiced procedures for our Writer’s Workshop and became familiar with our Writer’s Folders and the resources that are available to support our writing. We practiced writing our name and code date, drawing a picture, and writing sentences on our classroom writing paper.

Math Workshop: During math time, I introduced Math Workshop. We spent time on procedures and we practiced by working independently and with partners to complete tasks. We also began working with our iPads on the district math program: Dreambox.

Integrated Units: This week during our integrated units time we began working on our citizenship unit entitled, “We Built This City.” We created a community quilt, listed ways that we can be a good citizen in our community, and read books and watched videos about the rights and responsibilities of a good citizen.

Important Information

· Our weather has been very unpredictable during the first few days of school! Be sure to send your child dressed in appropriate clothing for summer/fall weather.

· Our library check-out day is Friday. Please make sure to send your child’s library book to school with them every Friday! If there is no school on Friday, please send their book with them on Thursday.

· Monday, August 27th will be our annual Ice Cream Social Event! Join us for fun, food, and conversation from 5:30-7 p.m. on the Sunshine playground.

· Take Home Folders will come home on Fridays ONLY. Please make sure to return them on Mondays.

· Please make sure to spend some time working on shoe tying at home!