Roesener Review

May 11, 2018

This Week in K/1

Reader’s Workshop: During Language Workshop this week began a new poem and a new read aloud. During our Making Meaning 2 time we continued “wondering” with the fiction story, A Porcupine Named Fluffy. We connected this book with our integrated unit on living things, and we revisited strategies from earlier in the school year. For our shared reading we read the poem, “Parts of Plants and Animals.” This poem helped us to review animal traits, and make connections with the animals that we saw at the zoo on Friday. We also used this poem to practice, “look through the word and reread to make sure it makes sense,” and, “look for parts you know and reread to make sure it makes sense.”

Vocabulary Words: pleased, soggy, unkind, and kind

Snappy Word: them

Word part: -ee (as in tree and bee)

Writer’s Workshop: In Writer’s Workshop this week we completed the writing process by publishing our non-fiction books! They have been displayed in the hallway for your viewing pleasure! Once we finished publishing, we spent the rest of the week working on poetry. We read several poems and talked about them, and we worked on using describing words to tell about a topic. We also wrote a poem as a class. The students were also given time to write their own poems.

Math Workshop: In math workshop this week, the kindergarteners finished Chapter 10: Position by discussing “next to and beside” and completing the written assessment. The first graders will be continuing Chapter 8: Measurement and Time by working with the analog clock telling time to the hour and half hour.

Integrated Units: During our integrated unit time this week we finished up our study of living things by learning about the life cycle of plants and animals. We read non-fiction books about life cycles, and we created our own foldables to showcase our findings. If you are growing any plants at your home, please involve your child in this wonderful learning opportunity!

Important Information:

· Thank you to those of you who have already enrolled your child in Explore! If you have not, please consider this for your child as a fun and active way to learn over the summer!

· Our Sunshine Awards Assembly will be Tuesday, may 22nd in the all purpose room.

· The last day of school will be Tuesday, May 22nd.

· Field Day will be held on Monday, May 21st. Your child will need tennis shoes on this day.

There will be a movie night and yearbook signing on Friday, May 11th.