Roesener Review

March 23, 2018

This Week in K/1

Reader’s Workshop: During Language Workshop this week we began our Making Meaning instruction by reading the non-fiction story, A Good Night’s Sleep. We continued our study of “making connections” by discussing facts that are learned from information stories. During shared reading we read parts of our Health and Wellness Life Skills big book. We used both stories to connect to our newest integrated unit: Me, Myself, and I.

Vocabulary Words: doze, plenty, essential, and store

Snappy Word: it

Word Part: it (as in bit, quit, and split)

Writer’s Workshop: In writer’s workshop this week, we continued our study of non fiction by reading the mentor text, Mr. Santino’s Tasty Treats to get ideas for our own stories about people we know. We made a list of staff members at Sunshine to write about, and we shared facts about these people with our partners. After working on our shared writing piece together, they worked on adding important facts to their own stories.

Math Workshop: This week in Math Workshop we began new skills and chapters. The kindergarteners began Ch. 7: Compose and Decompose Numbers 11-19, and the first graders started Ch. 6: Two-Digit Addition and Subtraction. We completed our pre-test and took home our vocabulary cards and foldables. Thank you for practicing these skills at home to support your child’s learning.

Integrated Units: This week we began a new integrated unit entitled, Me, Myself, and I. Our essential question for this unit is: How can we stay safe? We will be completing multiple activities to learn healthy habits over the next several weeks.

Important Information

· Scholastic Book Fair will be held in the library next week. Keep an eye out for your child’s wish list.

· If you have any questions or comments regarding your child’s grade card please contact me at your earliest convenience.

· Thank you for helping your child prepare and participate in book character day!

· Tonight we will be holding our annual Reading Night. Please join us for free food and family friendly reading activities!

· Don’t forget to enroll your child in Explore!

· Our snack supply is low. Please send an individually packaged peanut free snack with your child if you are willing and able. Thanks!