Mr. B's Holiday Lights

Wrapping up 2018 in fine Fashion

#1 Parent Teacher Organization in the World!

Our staff is completely amazed by the incredible generosity and kindness shared by our families during this time of year. The brunch served yesterday was beyond description. It was terrific to see the staff just hang out and enjoy themselves in the lounge while eating the delicious items brought in by our volunteers. Set up and clean up were also included, wow!

Merton Family Bowling event Sunday, January 13th

Merton Family Bowling event Sunday, January 13th

The Merton Family Bowling event will take place on Sunday, January 13th. Similar to years in the past, we will have 4 bowling sessions and a raffle. Please use this link for more information.

Smiling Principals

Ugly sweaters can't get past the two principals of Merton. By the way, they both belong to the guy on the left. He helps me out so often. And yes, the bwtie is a lego tie.
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Google Expedition Comes to 5K

Mr. Binney and Mrs. Baumgartner brought Google Expedition Glasses to our 5K children this past week and here are some from Ms. Losik's class. FUN exploring the North Pole!

Mike Budisch

Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year to you and yours close to you. Let's practice more of what is in this photo for the new year.