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Cider & Donuts Issue 2018

Livonia PTSA Council Bylaws Workshop

When: Wednesday, November 28th 6 PM - 8 PM

Where: Frost Middle School - 14041 Stark Rd.

This year EVERY unit is required to update their PTA/PTSA bylaws. Michigan PTA has provided us with a new template to use to do this. You can access this template by logging onto Member Hub, in the files section, Unit Presidents hub.


Once you update the bylaws you will present them at your PTA meeting and allow discussion. You will post them either on Facebook, in your newsletter or on a bulletin board at school for 30 days. Then at your next PTA meeting you will vote on them. After they are approved you will need to upload them to Member Hub and send a copy to &

Standards of Affiliation

Standards of Affiliation due December 1st!

All Units and Councils should be close to completing standards of affiliation for this year. After December 8th, we will begin issuing current letters of good standing that will expire on November 30, 2019 for units and councils that have completed all requirements. To be eligible for Reflections and other PTA perks, the December 1st date is FIRM and not negotiable. Units who still need the newest bylaws templates may request them from the Secretary-Treasurer at

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Galileo Leadership Training

Did you know that each year several LPS teachers or administrators are sent to Galileo Leadership Training?

This training allows teachers to develop the knowledge, skills & disposition of teacher leaders and foster a collaborative culture to support teachers development and student learning. They bring the knowledge, ideas and culture back to the LPS school they work at in hopes of raising the level of learning for all. Here is a quote from Churchill teacher Matthew Miga about Galileo & its benefits:

The Galileo Leadership Consortium has offered me the best possible professional development I have ever experienced. It has been an exciting journey to learn about best practices in education; how to be a teacher leader in service to students, colleagues, and the district; and how to help positively influence education. Without this opportunity, I would have missed out on learning about project-based learning, collaborative inquiry, a detailed training in Seven Habits, networking with other teachers in similar teaching situations, teaching like a pirate, and formative assessment (to name just a few of our topics).

An investment in Galileo is an investment in long-term educational growth. Although only a small portion of teachers are impacted, their reach extends beyond their individual classrooms. I have applied my Galileo learnings to working on a variety of group projects within the district: from textbook adoptions to developing student growth data to leading the district world language program. Without Galileo, I would have needed to teach myself important skills without the important support of experts in education and the element of timely reflection to grow. Any cent invested in teachers attending Galileo is a cent that leads to better education within our classrooms. My students and colleagues are better because I have developed as a leader, a teacher, and an educational expert.

Each year, the Livonia PTSA Council has donated money to LPS to help pay to make this training possible. With declining membership over the last 5 years we have made the decision to cut the amount we provide to LPS. Although we still believe this training is valuable to each building, where these Galileo Alumni work, we are reaching out to you, the individual PTA/PTSA's to ask if you would be interested in donating money to keep this training going.

If your unit is interested in donating or receiving more information about Galileo please contact Kellie Dummer, It might also be great to find a Galileo Alumni in your building and have them speak briefly at your next PTA meeting.

Reflections 2018 -2019

We're in the home stretch! The deadline for students to submit their Reflections projects is less than a month away. Unless the unit chairperson has chosen an earlier date for their school, the deadline for students to turn in their projects is November 14th.

We have identified a Reflections chairperson for almost every LPS school, and those volunteers are hard at work trying to encourage participation at their schools. Students are working on projects related to this year's theme, Heroes Around Me.

If anyone would like to see more information about the program and how to participate, we have all of that information on the council website at There are downloadable documents there that explain the process. The entry form is also available on that page as part of the student package.

If you haven't already, mark your calendar for the district Reflections celebration on January 15th at Franklin High School. This year is the 50th anniversary of Reflections, so we will have some fun ways to celebrate that.

We look forward to seeing the students' projects next month!

Debbie Yates
Reflections Council Chairperson

Membership Goals & Contests

Continue your membership drive thru the fall & winter. Council has a goal of 4800 members this year and we are at 67% .

Michigan PTA is running monthly membership challenges. Below are the next few you can focus on.

Units that complete a monthly challenge must 1) use MemberHub to submit membership, 2) report the achievement to by the 28th of that month to be eligible for the drawing.

October: The T in PTA In Progress!
Units that achieve 100% of their staff and teachers as members and recognize those staff and teacher members in a unique way. (Only full-time instructional staff whose home base is your building)

November: "It's Great Doing Business with You!"
Units that recruit at least 10 more business memberships, public official memberships, or outside/community members “Public at large”.

November Bonus: Fifty more!
Units that have recruited 150 or more members by November 28th.

For more information about the Michigan PTA & National PTA:

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About us...

The Livonia PTSA Council is a group of 22 local PTA/PTSA Units within the Livonia Public Schools District. The Council is organized under the authority of the Michigan PTA for the purpose of promoting conferences, communications, leadership development and coordination of the efforts of the local Units.