Genre project

By: Reagan Stange

Fantasy 🙉

Fantasy is a non real adventure story with different settings and made up lands/worlds. Fantasy also a fiction genre. Most fantasy books have magic and magical creatures.

Science Fiction💥

Science Fiction is genre of fiction dealing with the impact of imagined innovations in science or technology, often in a futuristic setting.

Historical Fiction🗿

A fiction book with historic events about the past and/or future.


Thriller is a tv show made in to a book with emotions, excitement, and exhilaration. Thriller is a non-fiction genre. Plus it includes uncertainty, surprise, anxiety, and terror!


Mystery are books all about figuring stuff out, crime and mysterious actions. Like trying to figure out who did what and why they did it and what they did.

Realistic Fiction🐠

Realistic fiction are books and stories that could happen, and resemble real life.


A fiction book that has events that take you to that place mentally not physically.


A fiction book with events that could happen in real life. Also it includes funny comments that might make you laugh. If you read a humor (genre) book than sometimes you might be able to picture what is going on in your head.


Romance is a fiction genre. Romance involves kissing, and laughing. Plus a lot of drama and for stupid reasons like the guy not buying flowers. But sometimes there is drama for good reasons like the boy dating 2 girls at the same time. :( . Or the girl dating 2 boys at the same time. :(

Memior 📚

A memior is a collection of memories that a individual writes about moments or events , public or private that took place in an auther life.


A book about you that you wrote. That describes you and how your life is or was. It also adds special things in your life. like what you did after school or what sports you played


A biography is a book written by one person but about another persons life. An what that persons life was like. For example the author would write what school you went to or what your favorite color is or who your BFF was. An he/she (the author) would write about if your were home schooled or not.

The End, YAY!!!

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