Gr.5 Gazzette

Second issue/February 2015


In E.L.A we have been working on many things. For example, in reading we have been working on many different strategies to help us understand or comprehend our reading. One of the strategies is cause and effect. Cause and effect is where you try to identify, in a sentence or paragraph what happened (the cause) and why it happened (the effect). I love to read month is also going on in February. Read lots to win prizes!

In writing we have been working on trying to make more dialogue tags in our stories and in writers workshop narratives are our main focus.

On some days in the morning we work on our speaking skills. Right now we are doing it by retelling native folktales. It sure is lots of fun!


In band we have been working hard on some pieces for music festival. We are also planning a meet with gateway school. Our band teacher is Mr. Kapiniak. One of my favorite pieces is Hard Rock Blues.

Physical Education

In phys. ed. we have been working on a little badminton and teamwork building skills. We will be working on Cross Country Skiing in March though.

Latest Friends For Life Session

In friends for life we have been studying red and green thought and how to change red or negative thought into green or positive thoughts. We also have been finding ways to cope with our stress and worries in a good way. Don't forget to do your homework because if you do you get a candy!
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Social Studies

In Social Studies we have started a new unit called resources and wealth. We are focusing mostly on resources and wealth in Canada and Saskatchewan. We also just had a presentation about agriculture and ways or practices farmers use to help the environment.

Above is a picture of a wheat field in Saskatchewan.

The End

Well, overall it has been a good month, I love to read month was good, the friends for life sessions have been interesting, and we started a few new units. In band we've all been working hard, (some of us) and we've all learned something new. See you in February!
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By Romy Schafer