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DJUSD Bond Program Newsletter

January 2022

Happy New Year! Last year brought closure to three Measure M Bond projects, which included hydration stations at all existing sites in DJUSD, the Emerson/Da Vinci Junior High School science lab classrooms and the new Early Learning Center at Korematsu Elementary School. As we welcome the new year, we also welcome exciting changes at several of our school sites. Construction activities are still in progress at Birch Lane, César Chávez, Da Vinci High School, North Davis and Willett Elementary Schools. Keep reading to find out what’s been happening at your schools!

To reference what these project phases mean, please visit our Bond Project page!

Davis Senior High School Virtual Community Outreach Presentation

Davis Senior High School (DSHS) Bond Projects are now underway, and being the largest construction program the District has undertaken, we’re excited to bring these much-needed improvements to our students and school communities. Projects will include the new CTE program enhancements, a STEM Building and an Aquatic Center which are tentatively scheduled to be completed by Fall 2024. Get updated on this Bond Project by viewing the new Virtual Community Outreach Presentation available now at and provide your feedback to The open comment period will close on February 11, 2022. We look forward to hearing from you.

Career Technical Education (CTE) Project Enhancements at DSHS

Beginning in the spring of 2022, the CTE Agriculture pathway will begin improvements to existing shops, the barn and greenhouse, a shade structure and the animal care area. Concurrent to the CTE Ag program improvements, the Transportation pathway will focus on the expansion of a new vehicle bay, specifically to support electric vehicles. Finally, our third CTE program, the Robotics/Engineering pathway will provide a long overdue expansion of the robotics facilities by constructing two additional classrooms and enhancing existing robotics spaces as well. Visit our website for more information or watch the DSHS virtual outreach presentation to learn more.

STEM Building at DSHS

With a project budget of $31.2 million, the new Davis Senior High School STEM Building is the single largest project in the Measure M Bond program. This project showcases the importance of the sciences to high school as well. This will be a beautiful building, placed on the east side of the campus adjacent to the Brunelle Theatre. Check out renderings for this new space on our website.

New Aquatic Center Construction

Our final Signature Bond Project at Davis High is the new Aquatic Center. Construction on this project will begin in the fall of 2023. The Center will include 17 lanes, 2 diving boards, space for regulation floating goal water polo courses as well as changing rooms, restrooms, an equipment room and deck and spectator space. This new construction will also require the removal of 10 existing portable classrooms. The consecutive build of the STEM Building followed by the Aquatic Center allows the provision of 12 new classrooms in the STEM Building which will absorb the loss of the aforementioned 10 portable classrooms. Consecutive construction will also be less impactful on campus and for the Davis High community as a whole. Find out more by watching the presentation on our website at

Pamela Mari Da Vinci High School Tech Hub

The placement of structural steel is now complete and the new Tech Hub at Da Vinci High School is swiftly taking shape. This is the only signature project to include solar arrays as part of the construction contract due to the fact that this site does not have appropriate array locations on site. The new arrays will be located on the rooftop of this grand building. We are excited for the completion of this Bond project which is anticipated for summer 2022. Learn more about this project on our website.

Elementary Multipurpose Rooms Update

All four MPR projects continue to progress on schedule and on budget, and we should be seeing the first MPR in use at Birch Lane Elementary by spring 2022. The remaining MPRs at César Chávez, North Davis and Willett Elementary will follow suit and are planned to be ready for occupancy by summer 2022. Visit our Elementary MPR Bond website to check out progress photos for this and other Bond projects in our District.

Neighborhood Impact Mitigation

Any large construction project is certain to impact adjacent residents. DJUSD wants to be a good neighbor, and we are doing everything reasonably possible to reduce traffic, noise and dust. Ongoing mitigation measures include traffic control plans, adherence to the the City of Davis construction work hour ordinance, frequent watering of construction areas to reduce dust, close coordination with the City and the Davis Police Department as well as thorough communication plans with school sites and adjacent neighbors. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we navigate through these changes together.

DSHS Virtual Community Outreach Presentation

Friday, Jan. 14th, 5pm to Friday, Feb. 11th, 5pm

This is an online event.

DSHS Bond Projects are now underway. Projects will include the new STEM Building, Aquatic Center and CTE project enhancements which are tentatively scheduled to be completed by Fall 2024. Get updated on this Bond Project by viewing the new Virtual Community Outreach Presentation available now and provide your feedback to The open comment period will close on February 11, 2022.

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