Shugo Chara Vol.1

Who is your true character?

Who I want to be!

Hinamori Amu is going to be a fifth grader at Seiyo Elementary. Everyone thinks she is cool and stylish. Amu is refered to as a kuudere, or even a tsundere. Amu doesn't want to be seen that way though. She wants to be cute, honest, and sweet. Then she wakes up one morning and finds eggs in her bed; in the eggs contain Shugo Chara, or Guardian Characters, that have the power to help Amu achieve this dream.
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The Guardians

The Guardians are the heroes of Seiyo Elementary, they make the decisions for the entire student body and are allowed free will around the school. The Guardians all have something in common, they all own Shugo Chara. The Guardians are composed of four members, and later when Amu joins five; the King chair, the Queen chair, the Jack chair, the Ace chair, and the Joker.


The Joker's job is to help purify X Eggs, (Batsu no Tamago). X Eggs appear when someone gives up their dreams. In order to purify the X eggs Amu must transform with one of her Shugo Chara in order to ' Lock On' to negative energy. Amu is the only person able to do this in this volume.

Character Change

Everyone in The Guardians is able to do this. This changes the attitude of the egg holder and enables them to do small tasks.