News Paper part 2

Adam Smith and Thomas McCarter

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Back Story of Mary Phagen

Mary Phagan a little girl born in the country she and her family moved to Atlanta. with being farmers they had little money and took what they could, for a better life. Mary got a job at Pencil Co. making minimum wage like the other hundreds of boys and girls. On April 26, 1913 Mary when down to collect her pay but was murdered. She was strangled and raped. Her funeral attracted a lot of unknown visitors.

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth has hit the tops with 60 home runs in one season. Yes, you read right 60 home runs one season. he thanks family, team members, and coach.

-Adam Smith

businesses of the south

Get your nice fresh coca cola. a drink that went from a medicine for heads is now for your stomach not as a medicine but for your enjoyment. started on January 29, 1892 as a small business but now it's booming with a large industry taking the top of the chart in sales and now refreshments.

-Adam Smith


the best drink you can ever get for only $0.05

Editorial note

I, Adam Smith, believe Leo Frank to be innocent for the murder of the little girl, Mary Phagen. In my onion i believe it to be Jim Conley, for he was found with a bloodstained shirt at the scene of the crime.

-Adam Smith

Editorial Note

I believe Jim Conley to be guilty in the case of the murder of Mary Phagan. Leo Frank was probably framed for his religion, he seems like innocent. Jim Conley was also found with a bloodstained shirt at the scene of the crime.

- Thomas McCarter


Baby Ruths, amazing in every bite -$1.29