Tejano Music

By Natalie Gonzalez

Where it all Began...

Tejano was first evolved in the 1900s with Germany and Czechoslovakia. As they found their way to their homes in south Texas. Tejano music is made out of two other kinds music European and Traditional Northern Mexican and much more, like rock, jazz, blues, and country music.


The used a lot of instruments to make the rhythm, and sound. This music was highly rhythmic which had lots of beat. The instruments used to make the music were maybe an accordion, a twelve-string Mexican guitar, a bass, drums, and even electronic instruments.

The Performers

Selena was a highly known singer for Tejano music. She was born on 1971 and died in 1995. Some other Tejano music singers were Little Joe, Laura Canales, Emilio Navaira, and Ruben Ramos.

Oh... That's My Jam!

Some famous songs from Selena are No me Queda Mas, Bidi, Bidi, Bom, Bom, Fotos y Recuerdos. Some of her albums are Mis Primeras Grabaciones, and Dreaming of You.

What I Thought About This Project

This was a good project and I learned about so many new artist and people I did not know about. This was a good project for the future.