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New Year! New Tools!

Happy New Year! That means it is almost time for the semester to end. The beginning of the new semester is a great time to integrate technology into your classroom and lessons. Lets take our classes into the 21st Century. Would you like to add more technology into your classes? Start Flipping your Classroom? Use more online assignments and assessments? Find ways to integrate the use of the Chromebooks more into your lessons and activities? Let me know how I can help you! I would love to come and collaborate on lessons, help find resources or even team-teach lessons with you!

Chromebook Add-Ons Worth Checking Out!

EDHS Social Media

EDHS has a Facebook page so we are looking for pictures and news to post! Let us know if you have great things happening in your classrooms, with clubs or afterschool. If you let us know before hand we will stop by and take pictures or if you have pictures of great things happening, please email those so that we can post them.

If you are on Facebook or Twitter and post something happening at EDHS use the hashtags #EDHSEagles and #DCSschoolSPIRIT.

Backing Up Files...

With many of the Classroom teachers getting new laptops this month it is time to back up files on your teacher computer so that they can be moved to the new machines when they arrive. There are a few options for backing up your files.

1. Use a USB Flash Drive or External Hard Drive - plug into your computer and move any files that you want to keep to the USB or External Hard Drive. (tip: make sure you create a folder for your teacher laptop so that you know what files you moved)

2. Use Google Drive - Move any files you would like to keep to Google Drive. It is simple. Open Google Drive and Create a Folder for your Files (ex: Laptop Backup). Now you can either use the upload button or just drag the files onto the page to upload.

If you would like assistance in backing up your files, please contact the Media Staff and we would be happy to help you make sure that you have backed up your files.

Student IAM Accounts

We have had a number of students coming to the Media Center wanting their logins for Student Portal to view grades in PowerSchool. These logins are different than the student Active Directory and Email accounts. We do not have access to the Student IAM login information. Teachers are the only ones that can see this login information for the students on their rosters. So if you have a student in your 3rd period class that forgot his login for Student Portal, you can pull that login for him. Remember this username and login is just to access Student Portal, it isn't their email address or to access the server.

To get to the student logins for Student Portal:

1. Login to NCEDCloud

2. Click on the button on the left that says "Profiles"

3. Now click on the tab "Students" at the top

4. This will now give you a list of all of your students and their usernames and passwords.

If you need help accessing usernames and passwords for a student, please let us know and we can assist you in pulling these up on your computer.

Upcoming Events!

Media and Technology Upcoming Dates

2nd Week in February - Blind Date with a Book:

Stop by the Media Center and find yourself the perfect Blind Date.

February 17th - Digital Learning Day:

List of Activities and Events coming soon!