Mrs. Morris Room 220 - YAY! IT'S SPRING (tomorrow)!!!

Contact Information

I just wanted to remind you that the best way to get in contact with me is using my school email account which is: kmorris2@k12albemarle.org or call the school at (434) 823-4658.

The email account that is used to send this newsletter is a gmail account that is only used to send the newsletters. I apologize if emails have been sent to this account and have not been followed up in a timely manner. If you ever do not hear from me in 24 hours please feel free to call or send a follow up email. I do my best of always respond within 24 hours.

Thank you for understanding. :)

Items Needed

We are in need of the following items for an upcoming project in Art Class that will take place the last week before Spring Break:

-6-8 containers of white frosting

-5 or 6 boxes of vanilla wafers

-25 paper plates

-1 box (25 bags needed) of gallon plastic bags

We are also running extremely low on:


- cap erasers

If your family is able to donate any of these items we would really appreciate it. They can just be sent in as they are purchased. Thank you for your support!!


In writing we have been working on research writing skills using Social Studies topics. We have been learning how to develop great research questions, write about non-fiction, and cite our sources. We are also discussing what plagiarism is, and the importance to putting information into your own words when writing about it. Be sure to ask your child what they have been researching and writing about.

In reading, we are starting new novels next week! We will be moving to realistic fiction. Be sure to check in and see what your student is reading:)


Last Friday we finished our unit on VS. 9. This unit covered the changes in the economy of Virginia during the 20th and 21st centuries, famous Virginians, and the Civil Rights Movement in Virginia. The students will get their tests back on Monday, March 23. The tests will be in their Monday folders. If a student scored below 80%, they will need to complete remediation work that will be due on Friday, March 27th.

Students are back in Science with Mr. Humphrey. Science will continue for the next three weeks and end on Friday, April 3rd.


Most math classes are continuing to review measurement and geometry. Students are enjoying reviewing the difference between the Metric and US Customary measurements, classifying triangles and quadrilaterals, and much more. Most math classes are also completing review work called "Drops in the Bucket". This review work helps to remind students of topics taught earlier in the year and provide independent practice. Be sure to ask your child what they are learning about in math.

Don't let these dates BUZZ by you!

March 19th: Used Book Sale (6:00-6:30 and 7:30-8:00 during Steam Night) & Steam Night 6:30-7:30

March 20th: BEE Healthy Families in Motion 6:30-7:30

March 22nd: Grounds Beautification Day

April 3rd: Make up snow day-End of 3rd nine weeks/End of Science Unit