Shackletons Stowaway

When ¨The Endurance" could not handle it any more.


Page 67

"If you do this, sir-I mean, when you do this, crossing all of Antarctica-people will know it's important."

"Ah." Shackleton warmed his hands on his pipe and stared out at the ice. his face was hard now, but his voice was quiet. "but it isn't, though. Not really"

"why do you do it, then, sir?"

"Why?" Shackleton turned back and smiled at Perce. "I don't suppose I'm good for much anything else."


A young ambitious man (Perce) gets a spot on The Endurance, a three-masted ship that set sail on an adventure to Antarctica. After mailing letters to their loved ones the people aboard the ship set sail. Everything went smoothly until they started to see pack ice. More and more came along as they kept on going. At one point they found themselves completely surrounded. All though most of them started doubting the whole trip, they kept on going, deciding it would be safer to just keep going instead of turning back. Eventually The Endurance finally couldn't handle the ice and went under. Everyone lost hope. They had to find a way to survive with very little. In the end, everyone was saved, and no man was killed.


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