Asia's Endangered Animals

Asian elephant- Elephas maximus

Asian Elephants are Endangered

The Asian elephant or "Elephas maxiumus" are mammals. They have wrinkled dry skin and are grey color. These elephants live in Asia's forests and eat grass, bark, and fruit. Asian elephants can live about 60 years. They spend most of their time looking for food. One reason for their endangerment is because of ivory poaching. (Nat Geo)

Food chain

Above the elephants (Predators)

  • humans kill elephants for their ivory (Nat Geo)
  • as the human population grows the elephants territory decreases(Ark)

below the elephants (prey)

  • elephants eat grasses, fruit, and bark(TE)
  • they can eat 300 pounds of food a day
  • graze to find food (Nat Geo)



  • gray brown color


  • stout legs
  • trunk and tusks
  • smaller than the African elephant
  • wrinkled dry skin


  • female weight 2.7 tonnes
  • male weight 5.4 tonnes
  • head-body length is 5.5- 6.4m
  • shoulder height 2.5- 3m


  • at 20 males go into the "musth" period where they become aggresive and look for females
  • males reach sexual maturity at 6 or 7 years of age
  • females reach sexual maturity at 10 years of age (Ark)


  • pregnancy period and take 22 months
  • females give birth about every 2-4 years
  • baby elephants weigh about 200 pounds (Nat Geo)



  • large area of grassland and forests
  • lots of grass, plants, and trees (Ark)
  • tropical cilmate (FWS)


  • India, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China.(Ark)

Below, in the red, is where the elephants live currently.


  • Elephants use their trunk for breathing, drinking, smelling, grabing, and trumpeting
  • the trunk has 10,000 different muscels
  • tusks are used for fighting, digging ,and stripping
  • Females live in heards
  • males usually roam about themselves (Nat Geo)


Ivory poaching

  • effects breeding rates because usually only males have tusk so there are more females then males

Habitat loss

  • when human populations increases the elephants territory decreases
  • not enough food in forest

The human- elephant conflict

  • elephants eat humans crop since there isn't enough food in the wild due to habitat loss
  • humans kill or seriously injure the elephants to protect crops (Ark)

How you can help

Why should we help the Asian elephant

  • elephants can be used to clear timber
  • elephants feces makes a good fertilizer
  • when elephants defecate it helps spread seeds (Ark)

What has been done

  • in 1997 the U.S. congress passed the Asian elephant conservation act(AECA)
  • AECA was made to.....

a. protect the asian elephant

b.keep their habitat wild

c. to research the elephant populations (FWS)

  • the gobal ivory ban has been placed since 1989(SNZP)
  • the World wildlife fund is working with the local farmers to help the human elephant conflict

What you can do

  • donate to Asian elephant conservations such as the World Wildlife fund or the Asian Elephant conservation fund (many people have donated to these origanizations over the past years)
  • tell your friends and family about these origanizations and get them to donate and spread the word (Ark)

Wild male asian elephant

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