Avoid Gold Scam In San Diego

6 Ways To Avoid Gold Scam In San Diego

Gold scam is elsewhere and even if you sell gold in San Diego, you too, can be a victim. Thus, you need to be very careful when you deal with gold buyers, especially those not known to you. Chances are, they will only pay you a little money, telling you that the appraisal of your gold asset is too low. This situation always happens anywhere nationwide and not only in San Diego area. Well, I should say, they only cheat you if they can see you’re innocent.

Aside from the fact, that sell gold San Diego stores are getting bigger in the country, the competition is really going strong everywhere in San Diego – with lots of companies outsmarting each other for purposes of buying gold and enjoy lots of profits. So what should you do if you’re the customer? Get smart and learn how to identify these unscrupulous gold buyers preying on innocent victims.

Here are very important tips for you to be able to save yourself from being scammed.

1. Buyers with a very low ranking in Better Business Bureau (BBB) should be in your watch list. This rating over BBB is an indication that these companies aren’t doing well as far as buying gold, or have unsatisfactory performance. You are very careful because you don’t need to fall victims to their traps in the future, right?

2. Gold buyers usually test and weigh your gold rings or any gold asset that you have in front of you. In the event that they weight your gold not in front of you, then it’s time to doubt these people. You can already suspect of them having some shady plans like cheating you of the real price of your gold. Sell gold San Diego is not an easy thing to do. You need to be extra cautious in order to get the fair price that you deserve.

3. If these people transacting to you do not have a physical office, then doubt their intentions. Remember that you’re not safe with this transaction. What if they run away your gold and you are left with fake bills? Don’t be a fool!

4. If you suspect the gold buyers are pressuring you of selling your gold, then it’s also the best indication these people you are transacting to, are scammers trying to get your immediate decision. Scammers moved fast and when they get what they want they disappeared, living only a footprint of sadness to the customers.

5. Avoid selling your gold to online buyers especially if it came from online auction sites or eBay. Chances are, you will be scammed. A word of caution: If you are selling your gold online, you need to know first the customer feedback to the company’s website or elsewhere in sell gold San Diego forums.

If these gold buyers San Diego offer only a 10-day money back guarantee, then it’s also time to suspect on their credentials. Remember that the ten-day period can be “gamed” so that they don’t receive your refusal and return check to give back your gold. The most advisable period is a 30-day guarantee.