ASPIRE 5th Weekly News

January 15, 2016

Dates to Remember:

January 18 - MLK Holiday - No School

January 19 - Last day to turn in book orders

January 22 - Spelling Bee

January 29 - Lunch with the Principal

February 5 - Play It Safe

February 19 - Visit to CTMS to hear about Fine Arts classes

February 22 - ASPIRE 3-4-5 Field Trip to George W. Bush Presidential Library

A Peek at Last Week

Scientists at Work:

This week our scholars began their study of the Earth the Sun, and the Moon by looking at Meteors, Meteorites and Meteoroids and comparing the mass, composition and movements of the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon. Enjoy the pics of our meteor lab from this week.

In Humanities:

This week the scholars have finished creating their presentations about their Revolutionary War book. We started sharing on Thursday and will continue on Tuesday. The scholars have also been studying the Declaration of Independence. For those of you that have that haven't read it in awhile - what a wonderful document!

Next Week in Our Classes


6th Grade Accelerated Math
  • Calculating percent change and the price of an item after a discount, rebate or coupon

5th Grade Math

  • Adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators and mixed fractions



  • Book clubs- Finish presentations
  • Historical Fiction - writing a historical fiction story from paintings showing scenes from the Revolutionary War

Social Studies

  • Southern region states and capitals retest
  • Battles of the Revolution


  • Motions of the Earth


  • Collaborating with small groups
  • Presentations to class


Why Star Wars Day in January?

Because we have been studying the Sun - a star - and the Revolutionary War - a war - is why! We had a fun Star Wars themed Open Work Day with many choices for activities. Having Yoda write a letter to the protagonist of their Revolutionary War book helping them to prepare for a challenge they faced in the storyline; using the events of the Revolutionary War we have studied so far and creating a Star Wars crawler in iMovie in the computer lab; studying documents about R2-D2 and BB-8 and deciding, then defending which droid was more helpful to their humans; and Star Wars Bazinga Challenge to review what we have been learning about the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon. Throw in door prizes and John Williams' music and you will have a feel for the day!

Order and Chaos in ASPIRE

Open Work Days - a source of chaos for many as they learn to bring order to their day.

Why Open Work Days? These days help the scholars build on grit and the intellectual traits of:

  • Intellectual Independence - exchange ideas, analyze and evaluate thinking, and doing your own thinking
  • Intellectual Perseverance - sticking with a problem or assignment to the end, using evidence to support your ideas
  • Intellectual Integrity - holding yourself to the same expectations you have for others


There will be an informational meeting for ASPIRE 5 parents to learn about the ASPIRE Academy at Cross Timbers Middle School. This informational meeting will be designed with the middle school ASPIRE student experience in mind. The date has not been determined at this time - we will keep you informed.

Reading Rewards and the 40 Book Challenge

According to our goal setting conferences with our scholars, the most difficult part of the 40 book Challenge is not reading 40 books - but reading books from many different genres. Encourage your scholar to branch out and read a book from a different genre than their favorite! One of the ways the scholars may keep track of the books they read for the 40 Book Challenge is to use All of our scholars are now enrolled in our class!


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