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what is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the study of people in their work environment.the OSHA act was signed by president Nixon on December 29,2015.OSHA was a set of rules that ensured safety in peoples work environment.

OSHA-the division of the Department of Labor that sets and enforces occupational health and safety rules.

  • A safe and healthful environment: you have the right to feel safe at your workplace
  • The right to know about hazardous chemicals-you have the right to know that the people you work for use dangerous chemicals.
  • The right to report injury to employer: you have the right to tell your boss you got heart

Healthy digital habits

  • When working with a computer make sure your monitor is tilted back because leaning forward causes headaches.
  • you should make sure your computer chair is at the right height so you can clearly see your monitor.
  • you should always make sure your font size is large enough to see without squinting.
  • if your keyboard 's feet are to high it should be slightly tilted.
  • you should have the right amount of padding on your chair.
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Healthy Quote

digital quote

“As healthcare innovators in this room, we know that changing the system is a slog. We’re fighting an uphill battle sometimes. But we will all face healthcare crises in our lives. And when we do, I would encourage everyone to harness those opportunities to remind us why we’re in healthcare innovation to begin with.”
Wildflower Co-founder and CEO Leah Sparks