The Alchemyst

By: Michael Scott Presentation By: Savanna

Third Person Limited

An example for this is, "Josh thought Flamel was not trust worthy. He had put his sister in danger and knew all about it the whole time." However, the character that the narrator follows is always changing throughout the chapters.


"It seems we all victims of Nicholas Flamel."

Startled, Josh looked up and found he was staring at Dr. John Dee, the man he hoped he would never see again. ...

Dee's thin lips flickered in a smile. "Flamel never tells anyone everything," he said. "I used to say that half of everything he said was a lie, and the other half wasn't entirely truthful either."

Page 338-340

This is extremely crucial to the plot because it helps persuade Josh whether to join Dee or Flamel, the climax.


The book, The Alchemyst, takes place in New York, present day. It starts with Sophie Newman working at the Coffee Cup right across from where her twin brother works, the bookshop. Their bosses, Perenelle and Nicholas Flamel, seemed like ordinary city folk, but little did Josh and Sophie know they were really seven-hundred year old magicians.

Rising Action

The book is very action packed and a lot of things happen. Perenelle is captured by Dee and he also steals The Book of Abraham the Mage which contains the recipe to immortality. Since you need to brew it every month, Perenelle and Flamel quickly age a year a day without the potion. Dee takes the twins to see many people for help, but trounle is always quick to follow the gang.


At the climax, Dee is discussing with Josh, one of the two legendary twins, and tries to persuade Josh to join him. Josh soon needs to decide whether to go with Flamel and his twin or Dee.

Falling Action

In the book, there is no falling action in order to keep you hanging for the next book in the series, The Magician. It ends with Josh's decision that will keep you begging for more.