"Striving for Social Justice"



Join Dr. Khyati Y. Joshi, Associate Professor of Education at Fairleigh Dickinson University and featured presenter for the American Conference on Diversity's 8th Annual Educator's Institute. Dr. Joshi's career intersects race, religion and other dimensions of diversity and inclusion education.

Join Dr. Joshi and her team as they present the Equity Initiative, explain its purpose, and attempt to build community support. This forum will provide a opportunity for parents to understand the subject matter their children may be coming home discussing, as the program causes the development of more inclusive pedagogies and curricula. By doing so, it will encourage support for the program through the virtuous cycle of parent/teacher, and home/school interaction and collaboration.

Equity Team Members will:

  • Learn about how bias and prejudice affect schools, learning, and teaching;
  • Explore the history of prejudice in the U.S. educational system;
  • Reflect on and confront their own beliefs and assumptions about equity and about students of different racial and ethnic backgrounds;
  • Examine the role of prejudice and institutional bias, and how these dynamics impact teaching, learning, and achievement;
  • Understand and address the root causes of student alienation, failures to learn, and decisions not to learn, as well as bullying and other antisocial behaviors;
  • Develop strategies for creating more supportive learning environments and for combating bias incidents, including bullying, among students;
  • Gain skills for building more effective relationships with parents/guardians and the community;
  • Practice using tools and models for assessing educational equity;
  • Develop personal and institutional action plans to PROMOTE EQUITY and ELIMINATE BIAS.

July 6th - July 9th from 8:30-2:30

Any Questions? Contact Assistant Superintendent of Instruction - Mrs. Susan Grierson.