by:Amelia Buck


Ants are very hard working insects,they can do many things that you would not expect!

How ants sleep

How ants sleep,the ants sleep only last for 1 minute but they take at least 250 naps a day so that means they take at least 500 nap in 2 days. Ants also sleep standing up on there legs or feet.

what ants eat and how they eat

What do ants eat,ants eat decomposed and cut up leaves. Ants carry there food all the way to the hill. I would hate to have to do that every day of my life,it would be horrible!

ants homes/hills

Ant hills,ant hills are made by the ants in the colony. Ants us there mandibles to make there homes.They chew the dirt and makes it into a brick figure.


Ants are very strong insects they can do more than you would ever expect!