Join the Phlebotomy Career

Education requirements:

HIgh school diploma or GED, Enroll in a Phlebotomy program (1-2 years), You have to take a National test to be certified

Experience requirements:

2 years of experience- You have to do a Externship with a hospital or doctor office drawing blood on patient getting 100 successful sticks before passing the program. & Clinicals during the program

Where or what kind of facility would you work at:

Any Medical facility that requires blood draws

Job outlook:

As a Phlebotomist you, draw blood on patient.

Advancement opportunities and requirements to advance:

You can go on to become a Lab Technician, or a nurse.

Approximate salary or wages:

Salary- 35,000 - 50,000



  • Good advancement

  • You get to meet a lot of people all nationalities

  • Good co-workers

  • Great feeling about helping people


  • See a lot of sad outcomes

  • Difficult patients and/or blood draws ( Not everybody has good veins )