Area 51

the mysterious top-secret military installation

The Non - existent Place

It's one of the most secretive military base on the world, so secretive that it doesn't exist on the United States maps, and it's hidden from civilians eyes by mountains from Nevada's desert. It's a very restricted area, people can't drive anywhere close to it, this is the reason Area 51 has been the focus of many conspiracy theories, myths that have captivated people's imagination.

Some people claimed that the base might have been built by the government in order to store crashed alien spacecraft, aliens remains and its technology. In 1996, this theories were supported by one of the employees who worked there for many years, he said he had worked on a "flying disk simulator" which had been based on a crashed alien craft. And also he told a reporter he had worked with an extraterrestrial being named J-Rod. Days later the U.S government tried to denied his testimony, they claimed the ex-employee was suffering from dementia due to his 71 years old.

Other conspiracy theories claimed the military base must have been found to make military experiments and create new technology. Also there are people who said that people involved in the area could have been working in weather control experiments,and nowadays they keep doing this kind of experiments.

Due to these myths and theories, area 51 has inspired many stories, films, TV programs, documentaries, books and also until these days it has caught people's imagination, including in this new generations.

Because all of this, mysteries around Area 51 are still unsolved and they make us to know more about its hidden secrets.

By Enrique Neyra Armas

Adriana Acuña Florían