Greenhouse Gases

What Are Greenhouse Gases

People are always asking " What's the greenhouse gas effect?" or " What are the greenhouse gases?"

Here's the answer to those questions. Greenhouse gases are multiple gases that are filed under a category called greenhouse gases. The category is made up of Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, and other gases. These gases have a negative affect when there is too much in the atmosphere. The term used for having too much of these gases is know as the greenhouse effect, but for now lets move to how they are caused.

How Greenhouse Gases Are Produced

Greenhouse gases come from many different places. The production of electricity made up 31% of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S in 2013. The next biggest contributor is transportation with 27%, and there are many more but those are the top two contributors. The middle pie graph below shows all the main contributors to the gas emissions.

The Greenhouse Gas Effect

The greenhouse gas effect is the process of the earth trapping in heat to have a warm climate. The heat is trapped from the gases. When there is too much carbon dioxide the effects are more strong therefor making the climate change. Unfortunately this has a negative effect because the earth is getting hotter, the Arctic and Antarctica is melting. This then causes sea levels to rise and flood major coastal cities. It also will kill certain species of animals because they can't live in the new environment.
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How We Can Help Reduce and Prevent Too Much of The Greenhouse Gases

Thankfully there are ways we can reduce and even prevent the emission of greenhouse gases. One of the best ways would be to find alternatives to burning fossil fuels. Doing this would greatly reduce the emissions, and may even be cheaper to make alternative solutions. This could be a long though before we reach that point. You could reduce the emissions in the mean time by riding bikes instead of driving cars, and using solar energy for your home. There are many other ways to help reduce and prevent, but these are just simple way you can help the environment.