Tethys- moon of Saturn

By: Emily S.

Basic Facts

The moon Tethys, belongs to Saturn . It is Saturn's 59th moon. Tethys is small, about 662 miles in diameter. It orbits 183,100 miles from Saturn. Tethys density is about 0.97 times more than liquid water. One side of the moon is always facing Saturn. It is thought to be composed mostly of water ice, would be like rock. Average temperature of -305 degrees fahrenheit. Saturn has about 61 moons other than Tethys. It is mostly icy, but there is some rocky material thrown into what it is made out of. Because of this the moon is sometimes referred to as "a dirty snowball"

Another fact you may not know

It shares an orbit with Telesto and Calypso, two other moons of saturn. Telesto in the front; Tethys in the middle; Calypso is in the back. The combined gravitational forces of Tethys and Saturn holds Telesto and Calypso where they are.

Tethys looks and is a lot like its sister moons, Dione and Rhea except Tethys is a bit less cratered. Tethys has two major features, a giant impact crater and a valley.


Tethys was discovered in 1684 by Giovanni Cassini. Almost everything about Tethys that we now know was found out by Voyager. It was named after a Greek Titaness, who was a sea goddess and both sister and wife of Oceanus. She was the personification of an ocean, she had 3,000 children who then became the springs, lakes and rivers of the world.
Unusual Red Arcs Spotted on Saturn's Moon Tethys


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