Keats Project

Final Destinations

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Where the peoples’ knowledge is free,

and the Taj Mahal stands high to where anyone can see

Steel and even concrete buildings structures stand 1,000s of feet high

with much of the world asking how

At first the the country may seem shy,

but eventually one will say “wow”

it’s a country filled with peace

and many times celebrate with a feast;

home of His Holiness The Dalai Lama,

who is more kind than any grandmama.


Naturally beautiful,

with a scene filled with green;

Nature is alive

and the whole island will be seen

blanketed with palm tress

freshening up the air

for all of the habitants

that prevail there

you can hear as the wind preaches

when staying on the beaches.


Coconuts and mangos cover the ground

as the roads are traveled

and you hear a sound

the sound of greed

and the many people in need

But being surrounded by the people of high-spiritedness

is surely something our society has missed.

Streets filled with motorcycles and pollution

yet, every filipino knows that

happiness is the solution.