How To Study Effectively ?

1. Having A Goal

- Jotting down all your goals : Short term or long term .

- Having a clear mind set by doing research, and having curiosity increases the knowledge of a certain subject .

By having a goal, it allows one to be focused; concentrate on what he or she is willing to achieve .

For example, if you are interested to be a doctor, engineer etc.. You should do well in the certain important subjects and continue to pursue good grades . Such, gives you more appropriate chances to get what you want .

In the end, definitely the results are worth .

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2. Taking Of Notes

- To summarise what the teacher has got to say .

- Taking note of the important points .

- Convert the sentence into your own understanding .

By breaking sentences allows you to save time and to move on to the next point that your teacher has got to say .

For example, during lessons if you're teacher has to rush on he's or her lesson, you would not have sufficient time to take note of what you would need to know .

Therefore, by taking short notes helps you to save time and have better understanding even while you rush through .

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3. Ask Questions In Class

- Clarify doubts; increases knowledge .

- Shows that participation is taking place .

- Develop interest .

By participating, practice of language takes place as well as progress of developing interest .

For example, if students ask questions during lesson it shows that they are interestedly engaged in the lessons as they are thinking of the solution or argue for a different solution . By practicing too, encourages and motivate you to speak fluently in language . As well as, via clearing doubts you tend to learn or understand new things that you previously didn't know about . Therefore, asking question do play an important role as it help you in various ways .

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