Happy June!

Well-Oiled News for June 2016

Welcome to the Well-Oiled Team!

We're so happy to welcome you to doTERRA and welcome you to our team! We have a facebook group to share oil experiences, questions and successes. Ask your enroller (who who signed up with) to add you to this group if you're interested. We have regular discussions and lots of oil give-aways!

Congratulations to our new wellness advocates!

Susan Gabryshak, Janeen Richman, Amie Reynolds, Lorene Ahola and Mary Moore!

Click on the link above to see how doTERRA goes above and beyond the average company and makes caring for our communities and alleviating poverty a priority. I'm proud to be a part of a company that takes out the 'middle man' and works directly with the growers and farmers that supply our essential oils. This way the workers are being paid directly with no-one 'skimming off profits' and many local tribal leaders come together, like in Somalia, to form alliances to work with doTERRA because they see the good and sustainability it provides for their families. In a similar way, we are able to reach people directly with our format of sharing where there isn't tons of money spent in advertising. This way the savings is passed onto us whether we use the oils, share them with others or are building a business. Wellness Advocates take time to educate the consumer about how essential oils work and the best ways to use them - you wouldn't get that kind of attention and care if they were sold on a shelf at a big box store.

Essential Oil Trainings

  • 'Using oils in everyday life' June 30th 6-8
  • 'Overall Wellness' July 1st 12-2
  • Rsvp: 509.304.4454
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Visit the 'Essential Family' booth, chat with Cori & Lindsey and check out their awesome blends, salves and sprays made with doTERRA essential oils!

What's Your Passion?

Thank you for sharing your passions with us! We are here for each other to support one another's goals and dreams. Whatever brings you joy is most likely connected to your passion! Here are some of our teams passions......

"I was so excited to share essential oils with our nurses during nurses week! Kylene Lessig, David-Christina Isaacson Bettis, Cori Stutz and Lindsey Flowers blessed us with ATT masssges! I gifted prizes of diffusers, modern essential oils books, lemon, lavender and peppermint oils plus a Family physician pack. They loved it! So fun to share the oils with other Healthcare professionals! That is my passion. Sharing oils with others to bless them!"

Rhonda H.

"My passion is to serve and mentor others, learning and also teaching others both the benefit of essential oils along with good spiritual health and well being. I believe God has provided the knowledge of the essential oils and nutrition to strengthen the body and how keeping healthy keeps the mind and spirit in good health and form. I especially seem to be sharing in the animal community. Horses, dogs and even chickens! So beneficial. I hope to continue to practice with the essential oils, to learn and how to further build doTERRA in order to create an income while fulfilling a desire to serve others. I am so thankful for my daughter in law Lindsey and also her friend Cori who introduced me further the uses and benefits of doTERRA essential oils."

Karen F.