Who? What? Oh Yeah That's Nike

The Goddess of victory

Who is nike ?

  • Nike is a female who is the goddess of victory and peaceful competiton.
  • She is the daughter of Pallas and oileis who else where two goddess themselves.
  • She also has a 2 brothers and 2 sisters by the names of Zelos and Kratos ,Bia and Athena . Which all four has some type of power of their own which Is why they're family is so unique.
  • She didn't fight in battles , when she came she gave whoever she came for hope and strength.

Myth Of Nike

As you know Nike is the goddess of " Victory ". She does have a roman equivalent which is Victoria , because they both have some of the same similarities and powers. She is the winged goddess of battle and peacefulness is competition. In the ancient works of art, she was depicted in an Greek vase painting holding a wreath and other dynamic pieces of art. She also holds a branch as a symbol of victory.