Community Day 2018

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Campus Beautification (Elm & Darrah)

This dutiful application of community spirit is exactly what teacher David Elm and coach Jesse Darrah did with a group of Minarets students this Community Day.

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Cards and Tags for Valley Children's (Morgan)

For the past three years, teacher Kaitlin Morgan has been making gift tags and Christmas cards for the families at Valley Children's Hospital.

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Care Packages for Soldiers (Potigian)

In teacher Perri Potigian's Community Day, students put together care packages for soldiers in fighting for our country.

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Gingerbread & Grandparents (Zamora)

Gingerbread houses are a staple of the holiday season and for the third year in a row a group of Mustangs students traveled down to Fresno to build gingerbread houses. But the students did not build them alone; they had help with the residents of Atria Fresno.

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Giving Day (Regonini)

During this season of giving, teacher Ben Regonini hosted his community day activity which involved wrapping donated gifts and making fleece tie blankets to donate to Valley Children’s Hospital.

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No More Barefoot Children (Righter)

I had the privilege of covering Therese Righter’s, advisor for Minarets Key Club, Community Day activity called “No Mas Niños Descalsos”, or “No More Barefoot Children”. Originally started last year by one of our own students, freshman Erica Hafkey, she has been doing this for a while now.

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Showing Compassion (Swanson)

The spirit of compassion filled Room 606 at Minarets High School. Teacher Wendy Swanson’s Community Day event filled participants with the need to spread kindness and compassion to those who currently are unable to receive full holiday spirit.

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Toys for the SPCA (Gamble)

On our third annual Community Day, our art teacher, Mrs. Gamble had students create animal toys for the Eastern Madera County SPCA.

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Trash Leads to New Beginnings (Sandberg & Sweet)

To help preserve nature and help our community, Minarets students went to Bass Lake to clean up around the area.

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Wrapping Presents for Puerto Rico (UP)

A small but hard working group of students joined Señora UP today for some gift wrapping and card making for students at a Puerto Rican school who were affected by the hurricane that hit their country.

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