TASK 1-SPELLING (completed in my homework book)


1. A procedure.

2. How to make toast.

3. Get, plug, switch, place, push, wait, pop, take, burn, place, spread, cut.

4. Two

5. Burn yourself.



Well, you want to hear the story about why I didn't hand in my homework? OK, here's the story.

Well, it was my Mum and Dad's anniversary, and they were going on a "romantic" dinner, so my Mum had to get a babysitter to look after us (my brother, two sisters and me).

While they were gone, my brother, two sisters, the babysitter and I, were all very hungry. The babysitter ordered pizza. She relied on my oldest sister Briana to take care of us while she went to pick up our pizza. Briana didn't do a very good job because she let my brother Jake set off fireworks.

Next thing, a robber came in. Briana didn't notice because she was too busy texting her boyfriend. As you know, I have a two storey house and we have no computer up-stairs so I do my homework down-stairs. The robber downloaded my homework onto a hard-drive and deleted it after he downloaded it. He said "Now I have the perfect maths to insert into the NASA space program. I can use it to launch the X-rocket which will be circling Mars tomorrow. It will probably be due in our orbit on 29th February 2023. And you are probably wondering how I know all this. I was spying on him. And I also know that 2023 isn't a leap year so the robber isn't very smart because he needs the help from a nine year old to help him launch a rocket.

This morning, my other brother Aidan confessed that he was the robber and was also the one who downloaded my homework and "accidentally" deleted my homework and I had already deleted the email you sent me.

So that is why I didn't hand in my homework.