4th and 5th

Mark Twain Nominees

Four students have read at least one Nominee, and one student has read six!! This student is already half-way through the twelve total books! One punch is given for each Mark Twain nominee read, and if they read them all they receive a bonus, fully punched classroom reward card!!

Student Council

Some students have taken applications to be members of Student Council. Applications were due today. Candidates may hang one poster near the classroom. Candidates should present a speech to the class on Tuesday, September 8, and elections will be held immediately following the completion of all. Announcements of elected representatives will be made on Friday, September 11.

Yearbook Club

Students who would like to participate in Yearbook Club must complete an application, essay, and portfolio. These will be submitted to Mrs. Morris by Friday, September 11. Mrs. Morris will choose members based on the quality of those submissions. . Students will be notified of their acceptance by Friday, September 18. Chosen members will need to pay $15 for a t-shirt and basic supplies at the first meeting on September 25.

No School

Remember, there will be no school on Monday, September 7.


Students were given an order form for school t-shirts last week. Shirts cost $8 and orders are due next week on Thursday, September 10. Payment may be made by cash or a check payable to Shirtkong.

Class Wiki

Although we are not focusing on the class wiki per se, students should keep that site in mind for possible assistance when completing assignments at home or looking for practice activities. There are math links for assistance or practice with math. Throughout the year there are links that will be directly used for lessons and others for supplementary use.


When students are absent, they can usually go to to see what was covered that day. I will also begin to post to the wiki whenever students are absent to relay a more specific message. If there is nothing there, do not worry; we will catch up at school with whatever is needed.


Students should never work more than one hour on homework. If there are concerns with homework at any time, please let me know. If your child is struggling with a math problem or runs into any true difficulty that no one can figure out, do not worry about it. Have them talk with me the following day, and we will work it out.

Language Arts

It appears that fourth grade has finally completed their Native American papers, including introductions, conclusions, and transitions. They continue to read about Alice in Wonderland and study exploration. Fifth grade continues with Zlata and writing to compare and contrast cultures in Europe.