03rd February 2023


Nurturing lifelong learners who live out Jesus' message of love and peace.


At Our Lady of Fatima School, we:

Provide a holistic Catholic education where the teachings of Christ are lived, valued and promoted

Strive for excellence and through contemporary pedagogies, support the resilience, curiosity, creativity and social and emotional wellbeing of each child.

Foster a sense of community through meaningful relationships with students, staff, parents, parish and wider community.

Maintain an innovative learning environment, embracing sustainable practices.


Lord Jesus, you have said that your followers must be salt of the earth and the light to the world.

Salt preserves and enhances our food. It symbolises new beginnings and a separation from the past. God has placed us in this culture, in this time, in this moment, in this slice of history, to preserve the ways, the teachings, the life, the power, the presence of Christ. Just as salt brings out the best in food, so too, Christ brings out the best in us, as others experience the flavour of Christ through us.

Light propagates itself, dispels darkness. It sows rays of joy and hope. It is life­giving. We are called to let light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God. Jesus calls his disciples as light and light-bearers and to pass on the divine light we have all received.

Help me, Lord, to be salt of the earth and a light to this world,

so that my life radiates your message of love and peace.


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Welcome back to 2023! It has been very enjoyable hearing the exciting holiday experiences that our children have had- I have heard tales about boat rides on the Swan River, stays at Crown Towers, riding motorcycles and many trips that have been described in a way to make me very jealous! All of our students have settled in beautifully this week and it was lovely seeing many family members at our Welcome Back Coffee Van on Wednesday!

A special welcome to the new families who have joined Fatima this year- we hope you have a wonderful experience in this beautiful school community

I would also like to welcome the following new staff members:

  • Michael Ferguson (student counsellor- Fridays)

  • Claire Palandri (Pre-Kindy and Kindy Teacher)

  • Keely Palmer (Year 2 Teacher)

  • Tammy Maroney (STEM Teacher, replacing Denise Plain for Semester 1)

  • Kiara Barlow (Enrichment Teacher, replacing Denise Plain for Semester 1)

  • Megan Clarke (Kindy Education Assistant)

  • Sionna Macaulay (Education Assistant- Thursdays and Fridays)

We also congratulate Di Law (Year 3 teacher), who is expecting her second baby in July. I am sure you join me in wishing Di all our best wishes during her pregnancy.

In January, Father Francis retired from Our Lady of Fatima parish after over 20 years of service. It was terrific seeing so many families at Mass over the Christmas and holiday period to farewell him. Father Francis is living in the Palmyra area and will not be a stranger, particularly as we celebrate his 50 years of ordination this year. On behalf of the school community, I extend a warm welcome to Father Benedict Lee, who is our new parish priest. We look forward to getting to know Fr Ben in coming weeks!

2023 marks the school and parish centenary, which is remarkable, especially considering the humble beginnings in a hall on Tamar Street. There will some lovely celebrations across the year, which we will keep you updated about!

As communicated to parents last week, the School Advisory Council is delighted to announce that Catholic Education WA has approved a capital development plan for Our Lady of Fatima School, which will provide:

  • Remediation to the roof
  • Replacement of internal and external windows
  • New student toilets that will be positioned in the current staffroom location and accessible from the main corridor and oval

  • A new staffroom in the old administration/ uniform shop area

Further information about our capital development will be shared with the community as it becomes available.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

Jacinta Petersen



The Gospel reading for this Sunday has inspired me as a ‘call to arms’ in our centenary year. We are called to “be the salt and light” in all that we do:

(Matthew 5: 13-16)

“You are the salt of the earth; but if salt has lost its taste, how can its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything, but is thrown out and trampled under foot. “You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid. No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.


  • Term 1 Wednesday 1 February - Thursday 6 April (Friday 7 April is Good Friday).
  • Term 2 Wednesday 26 April (Monday 24 April is a pupil free day) - Friday 30 June. Please note that Tuesday 6 June is Catholic Day for Our Lady of Fatima School.

  • Term 3 Tuesday 18 July (Monday 17 July is a pupil free day) - Thursday 21 September (Friday 22 September is a pupil free day).

  • Term 4 Tuesday 10 October (Monday 9 October is a pupil free day) - Friday 8 December 2023.

Public holidays during the school year (schools are closed):

  • Labour Day – Monday 7 March.
  • Easter (Good Friday to Easter Monday inclusive) – Friday 7 April to Monday 10 April (end of Term 1 school holidays).

  • ANZAC Day – Tuesday 25 April.

  • Western Australia Day – Monday 5 June.


  • Wednesday 8 February 6pm- Parent Information Evening (Pre-Primary to Year 6)
  • Wednesday 15 February 6:30pm- P&F Meeting

2023 School Fees

Dear Parents & Caregivers

2023 School Fees will be invoiced in the next couple of weeks and emailed out to the parent listed as Parent 1. You will have a Payment Option form to complete and return to the school. A copy of our school fees for this year are on the website and if you would like to begin paying your fees prior to receiving your statement, you can do so either using your BPay Biller code and reference from your previous statements or in the office with cash or eftpos. I will send an email out via SEQTA once fee statements have been sent.

If you have a current Health Care or Pensioners Concession Card, please bring it in to the office by Friday 10th February so we can take a copy. This needs to be in the parents name for the discount to be applied. If this is the first year you have had a Concession Card there is also a form to be signed. It would be helpful to have a copy of these cards prior to fees being invoiced if possible. If we do not receive a copy or the card we have on file has expired, you will be invoiced the full amount.

As always, if you are experiencing financial hardship please make an appointment to speak with Jacinta so we can work out how best to assist you.

Many thanks

Amy Sheridan

Finance Officer


Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten enrolments are now open for 2024. Interviews will be taking place In Term 1. If you have not submitted your entry/ enrolment form, please do so as places are limited.

Please note the priorities for enrolment in a Catholic school:

  • Catholic students from the parish with a Parish Priest reference
  • Catholic students from outside the parish with a Parish Priest reference
  • Other Catholic students
  • Siblings of non-Catholic students
  • Non-Catholic students from other Christian denominations
  • Other non-Catholic students

Please contact Gaynor at admin@olof.wa.edu.au if you require a hard copy entry/ enrolment applicant form or if have any questions.


For parents/carers of children in Pre-Primary to Year 6, we will be holding our Parent Information Evening on Wednesday 8 February. As COVID-19 disrupted our plans last year, it will be lovely to come together for class teachers to share with parents the routines, curriculum and focus for each year level.

Parents/carers can pick between the following times:

  • 6pm

  • 6:45pm

Please note the 6:45 session is a repeat, to help families with children in different year levels.

These sessions will be held in the classrooms and parents/carers can park on the courts or on Harris/Hammad St. Please access the classrooms via the external door (Year 5 and 6 parents, you can enter through the Science/ Visual Arts external door, next to Year 4).

We look forward to seeing you then!


Every member of our school community shares a collective responsibility to ensure the safety of the children in our care and all adults need to model healthy and respectful relationships. Adults should not put students in any situation that makes them feel uncomfortable or worried.

To read more about the CEWA child safety focus, please go to https://childsafe.cewa.edu.au.


The Code of Conduct describes minimum standards of conduct in all behaviour and decision making to ensure the safety and well-being of students. The Code applies to staff, students, volunteers, parents and guardians as applicable.

The Our Lady of Fatima Code of Conduct determines appropriate behaviour in accordance with the following principles:

  1. You act safely and competently.
  2. You give priority to students’ safety and well-being in all your behaviour and decision making.
  3. You act in accordance with the values of the Gospel as defined in the Code of Ethical Conduct.
  4. You conduct yourself in accordance with laws, agreements, policies and standards relevant to your relationship with the school community.
  5. You respect the dignity, culture, values and beliefs of each member of the school community.
  6. You treat personal information about members of the school community as private and confidential.
  7. You give impartial, honest and accurate information about the education, safety and well-being of students.
  8. You support all members of the school community in making informed decisions about students.
  9. You promote and preserve the trust and privilege inherent in your relationship with all members of the school community.
  10. You maintain and build on the community’s trust and confidence in Catholic schools and the Church.
  11. You act reflectively and ethically.
  12. You allow students to have a voice in their education, safety and well-being.

A full copy of the Code of Conduct is available on our school website.

In school speech therapy at Our Lady of Fatima

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As we begin the new school year, please reinforce bike and road safety for those students who come independently to school. Please remind your child for how to look for oncoming traffic,

even around the school and in quieter streets.

Please remain vigilant when reversing from parking on Harris and Hammad Streets and when going through the drive through or parking on the courts.

Please also be mindful of having a contingency plan for your child/ren if the crossing guard is not present at the Canning Highway/ Harris St crossing.

OLOF uniform buy, sell, swap

Please see below link for OLOF organised by parents



Please see below a summary of uniform requirements at Our Lady of Fatima School in 2023. All items (other than shoes) can be purchased from https://www.spartanschoolworld.com.au/collections/our-lady-of-fatima.

Requirements for all students:

  • School hat

  • Satchel

  • Library bag

  • School bag

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As previously stated in an earlier newsletter, there will be a period of transition (all of 2023) to allow families to make use of what they have with younger siblings etc.

Please note: teachers will advise parents/ carers of what day students are required to wear their faction polo shirt at the start of Term 1.

As part of the formal uniform for students from Years 3 to 6, students need to wear black leather/leather look school shoes, as per the image below. Black sneakers are not permissible.

Running sneakers or cross trainers need to be worn as part of the sports uniform. Whilst sneakers can be any colour, they need to be affordable, offer good support and be appropriate for play. High-top shoes and basketball shoes (such as Jordans) are not appropriate.


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Keyed Up Music Lessons 2023

Keyed Up Music will be providing tuition in the following instruments at Our Lady of Fatima in 2023;

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Voice
Starting from $24.75 for 20min individual lessons. If you are interested in your son / daughter learning an instrument, ring Savanna on 0479 171 424 or enrol at www.keyedupmusic.com.au/enrolment-form
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CANTEEN new cut off time 8am for orders

From today, Il Sorriso will be offering a 3rd day of lunch delivery on Fridays beginning this week. You will be able to order on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays using the School Lunch Online platform.

A few gentle reminders with lunch ordering:

  • Please ensure that your child’s year level and details are up-to-date. Mrs Cook spends a bit of time sorting the lunches and it would greatly assist her if the details are correct.
  • If you do not place your order on time, please DO NOT contact Il Sorriso directly. Instead, contact School Lunch Online on 1300 787 939 or https://www.schoollunchonline.com.au/contact.html.
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Support our school at Gilbert's fresh market and The Foodies Basket

Gilbert's Support Our School Program donates 1% of the money spent by you to your nominated school every time you shop with us! Sign up for free at the checkout and scan each time you shop.

As at 16/06/2020 the Gilbert’s Fresh, Hilton SOS Program has 31 schools, and 2,236 customers signed up, plus, Gilbert’s has donated $40,945.00 to local schools since the program commenced in October 2017.

The Foodies Basket, Attadale donates a $1 for every 100 points accumulated. Just give our School name or show your card each time you purchase.

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