The Voyage of the Dawn Teader

The Chronicles of Narnia

Another adventure awaits you in the water with a deadly quest......

Written by C. S. Lewis

Pages: 157


Lucy Pevensie and her brother, Edmund Pevensie, go back to Narnia, but this time with their very annoying cousin, Eustace Scrubb. They were taken to the Eastern Seas of Narnia. When they were found by a ship called the Dawn Treader, Lucy and Edmund helped their old friend to complete his quest to find the seven missing lords of Narnia. The crew of the the Dawn Treader had to overcome lots of obstacles like when they were captured as slaves.

The point of view of this book is third person.


Transformation are common in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Although some transformations seem purely physical, affecting only the outward form and shape of a person or people, they usually turn out to be related to emotional as well. In the beginning of the story, Eustace started out hating his cousins and was also VERY annoying. So while they were on the quest, Eustace went through an obstacle, and he transformed into a very nice person. I can relate that to an experience from the past. When I was in first grade, I was very annoying. But all that changed when I got older. I became more helpful to my family and stopped being an irritating little kid.

This poster is by Katerina Khudoleyev.