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Strategy or Technique:

RQT (Right Question Technique)


Jessica Long

Teacher(s) Reflection:

Last semester I attended several meetings with Katrice Quitter (Gifted Education Consultant at HCESC) in which she recommended many different differentiation / pre-assessment strategies. I tried several of them and really like a method called the RQT (Right Question Technique). They have an awesome website that you can steal lesson plans, powerpoints, etc...from. I stole and modified a powerpoint to use in my Anatomy class. My class of Anatomy kiddos basically went through a cool process using the question formulation technique and developed questions about our topic, which they then modified and narrowed down, and eventually came up with a question that they were interested in. They then researched it, answered it, and submitted it as a substitution for an assessment. I loved that it allowed them to think more deeply about the subject, come up with questions that interested them, that they were guided to create awesome questions, and that they then were allowed to search up the answer. It facilitated them digging deeper into the subject at hand. It also differentiated the material quickly and effectively without the students really realizing it. The institution website is www.rightquestion.org if anyone else is interested in trying this in their own classroom.

The Question Formulation Technique (QFT) for Summative Assessment

Further Reading

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