Poetry Project

By: Suhas Yadlapati

I Wish Poem

I Wish

I wish I had no school

I wish I had a longer summer

I wish I had my own car

I wish I had a pet

I wish I had a million dollars

I wish I had a swimming pool

I wish I had time to do what I want

I wish I had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true.

Ballad Poem

"Stay in side son

there is huge storm

brewing out in that dangerous world".

"I will do what I want I

I will go into that dangerous world.

As the boy entered the dangerous world

he was confronted with the huge storm

out in that dangerous world.

The huge storm in dangerous world

picked the boy up dragged him

away the boy was never seen again,

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Free Verse Poem

On a cold winter day

I stay in the warm home

watching the snow fall slowly into the bright green grass

watching snowflakes dance in the wind

and enjoying the cold winter day