Ibn Battuta: In China

Ibn Battuta's Travel In China

4 Facts about China

1. China is not a Muslim country.

2. 47% of the population live in urban areas.

3. The name for boats in China is called "Chinese Junk".

4. China is officially known as "People's Republic of China".

3 Thing Battuta Did/Saw While in China

1. Silk was used for clothing even for the poorest monks and beggars.

2. Ibn Battuta met a rich Muslim trader who lived in Hang-Zhou.

3. "He owned about fifty white slaves and as many slave-girls, and presented me with two of each, along with many other gifts".

"China is the safest and most agreeable country in the world for a traveler. You can travel all alone across the land for 9 months without fear even if you are carrying a lot of wealth" -Ibn Battuta

By: Kayla Milligan

Documentary: Lost Civilizations (History Of Ancient China Documentary)