Rainforest biome

Maureen & Lilian

Where are Rainforest Biomes most popular?

Rainforest biomes usually dominate South America , Africa and Southeast Asia. For instance, The Amazon Rainforest and The Daintree Rainforest.

This picture shows where all the other rainforest biomes are found

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What can you expect to find in a Rainforest biome?

Plants are very common among Rainforest Biomes. This is because a rainforest have the basic needs to make a plant grow- sunlight and water. Some animals use Rainforests for shelter, food and water. Tall trees are for shelter, plants are for food and the rain is for water. You can also expect the environment to be damp and wet- It is a rainforest after all! The bamboo plants can develop and rise about 9-10 inches a day.

Animals of the rainforest

The rainforest is a home for more then half of the worlds animals.Most species can be found colourful and unusual,all types of creatures are represented from miniature insects to large mammals.

Fun fact!

Many scientists believe there are still millions of plants and miniature insects in the rainforest that have not to be explored and identified.