Youth & Government District Debate

By: Miryam Mata

Personal Experience


The first part of the debate felt like a nightmare , we started out in the auditorium of the High School . They told us about voting and things that come with being a youth and government member. I felt like my entire life passed by as we waited a very long time in those committee rooms . The bills were very interesting ; some about raising gasoline taxes or giving police men a racism & gender sensitivity test . By the way Mr. Sledge was the evaluator.


Then came the panic , it was my turn to present my bill . It was very scary , I had no clue what to say or do. Luckily I was able to manage on my own , I only said a few words and ... BAM ! Everyone voted for my bill about better lunches for all public schools . Not one person went against my bill , I guess it was the connection we all had about our feelings about the lunch.( Personal thought ) The lunch is horrible !!!!!


How to ask

If you ever have a question you have to ask the "chair" , depending on the gender, you either say sir chair or madam chair . The thing is the question is never for the chair unless you try to make a motion . If you ever ask , you either ask the bill author or the current speaker( opponent, proponent, amendment author ) . Before you ask the question you say your name , your delegation , and then say " I arise to ask the bill author a question " ( IF you have one. ) If you have 2 or more you say " I arise to ask the bill author a possible series of questions ".


This part is really easy , you just have to know what they're talking about and respond confidently . That confidence part is REALLY important because if you don't sound confident , they'll bug you with questions about where you got your information. If you don't know how to respond just say " that is a really good question, I should research that."

Opponent / Proponent


This proponent stuff is if you are for the bill .



Opponent is if you are against the bill .

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